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Informing Africans in diaspora and at home of unbiased Africa news, Africa information, Africa report and African studies that influence the African people: InformAfrica.

Africa news and Africa Information - News & information for Africa!

InformAfrica.com is a News and Information destination for Africans in diaspora and on the continent.

InformAfrica.com can be understood as a news and information site; regularly publishing unbiased African news stories, and Africa information online, that influence the African people; while nurturing and promulgating our African values.

Our Mission

InformAfrica’s mission is simply to inform the African people while creating awareness that calls for action or celebration.

InformAfrica’s values include, but not limited to:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Creating awareness
  • Nurturing and promulgation of “African values”
  • Encouraging freedom of speech
  • The freedom of Africans from mental slavery

InformAfrica is a free open access platform where anyone can contribute unbiased African news, Africa information, and blog posts to inform the African people both in diaspora and on the continent (our Motherland).

If you are interested in becoming a contributor on InformAfrica, shoot us an email and the InformAfrica team will work with you to setup an account as an author. When contacting us, we ask that you provide a short bio about yourself, and your vision for Africa.

Contact Email for contributors:

  • contribute [at] informafrica.com

For all other inquiries:

  • contact [at] informafrica.com

InformAfrica is a subsidiary of IGWE Media Group, a diversified African media company.