Editorial Requirements for InformAfrica

First, What is InformAfrica? 

Simply put, InformAfrica is a news and information site that regularly publish Africa news and life-changing information that influence the African people.

So when writing your story for InformAfrica, have the African people in mind! News also has time constraints, so write and publish the latest news first. Be fast and sharp. There is no faster media than the internet. Use it!

News should be Truthful & Unbias 

A reporter has great responsibility. When you are not sure of a fact, do not write it down as a fact. When in doubt, leave it out. Make sure to check your facts, and double check names or spellings! Try to be as informed as you can be. Most common ways of getting informed is through interviews, observation and document/internet research. One anonymous source is not a source. Two sources doesn’t fix the problem either. Be aware of the internet as a valuable –though also dangerous – source of information. Do not believe everything you read on the internet!

Writing with WordPress

We use WordPress to power our site!

WordPress is a semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. Therefore you are publishing your work on InformAfrica using one of the most powerful publishing platform in the world.

We advise that you become familiar with WordPress visual editor tools when writing a story – this will make your publishing experience quite easy. Writing tools such as: Spell Checker, Undo/Redo, Indent/Outdent, Insert link/Unlink, Paste from Microsoft’s Word Processor, Insert media (Photo, Audio, Video, PDF), Blockquote, Ordered list/Unordered list, Strikethrough, and several other formatting options.


A good news article needs to meet the requirements below:

  • Sensitive subjects need special approach and handling. Get experts involved in your work when you think you do not have full control of the subject.
  •  Don’t plagiarise other people’s work.
  • Share your sources. How do you know all this, your readers want to know.
  • An anonymous source is not a source at all.
  • Be very careful with internet sources. Authoritativeness is key.
  • Write your news in an objective, neutral tone of voice. Be original and distinctive. Try to write in ‘helicopter view’ style. Keep distance. Do not be arrogant, safe behind a computer screen.
  • Start by asking yourself: what has happened? Then continue: When, Who, Where, How and Why. To make your article bright, you add context, history and a future perspective if possible.
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Here are some Tips for better writing 

  • Simple and direct writing is key. Use short sentences and simple structures.
  • Use an active voice. A good news story is not too long. In 600 words you should be able to do the trick.
  • Use the active voice in your sentence construction.
  • Use the enter button, please no blocks of text more than five lines. Keep your text readable.
  • Use quotes. Quotation brings your article to life. When you do so, make sure you do so accurately. Quote people exactly. Do not rephrase. Write quotes down immediately or tape the conversation.
  • Use a spelling check when ever possible.

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