Africa: Giant Crocodile killed in Zimbabwe – Real or Fake?

Giant Crocodile killed in Zimbabwe – Real or Fake?

INFORMAFRICA – Discussed on InformAfrica is an undated photo of a giant crocodile reportedly killed in Zimbabwe by an animal control ranger. Some believe the photo was artfully modified to make the giant crocodile look much bigger than its original size or that the image is not real.

Africa: Giant Crocodile killed in Zimbabwe, fact or fiction?

Africa: Giant Crocodile killed in Zimbabwe, fact or fiction?

According to reports gathered by InformAfrica, the monster crocodile pictured here was shot and killed by an animal control officer in Zimbabwe after it had attacked and killed a number of fully grown cows. This very photo has spread across the web, and often regarded as a photo trick – after a user on posted a cut-out/cropped version of the image on the site in January of 2012 with the following message: “They killed this in my freinds hometown back in Africa” – afterwards, the photo went viral across the world wide web, InformAfrica webteam have discovered.

Listed below are what other websites on the web reported about the African giant crocodile in Zimbabwe:

HoaxSlayer: This image depicting a very large – and apparently very dead – crocodile laid out on a low wall or rock formation with a large group of people posing behind it circulates via email and social media and has also been posted to many online forums and blogs. Descriptions of the crocodile that accompany the photograph tend to vary, but one of the most common versions claims that the animal was killed near a village on Africa’s Niger River because it was snatching villages. The message lists the large croc as being 22 foot long and weighing in at a whopping 2500 pounds. (See: ’22 Foot 2500 Pound’ Crocodile Photo

Snopes: This photograph of a large crocodile reported killed in Zimbabwe first hit our inbox in August 2010. Although we don’t know yet the specific origins of this image, we don’t see any reason to believe it is not genuine – it shows no hallmarks of having been digitally manipulated, and the crocodile pictured, although large, is not so large as to be beyond the bounds of “believability”. (Nile Crocodiles commonly reach lengths of 16 feet and can grow to 18 feet in maturity, according to Wikipedia). The perspective of the photograph also helps enhance the apparent size of the croc, as the animal is posed in the foreground closer to the camera, while the crowd of onlookers appears to be seated several feet behind it” – Snopes reported.  (See: Zimbabwe Croc)

HuffingtonPost: It didn’t take long Thursday for a picture of a seemingly dinosaur-sized crocodile posted on Reddit to trickle out over the Internet — or for users to point out the photographic trickery involved. Shortly after Reddit user kohlio posted the picture to the site under the heading “They killed this in my friends hometown back in Africa,” posts started popping up questioning the veracity of the photo, followed by responses asking how anyone could fail to recognize the obvious forces at work — namely, the trick of forced perspective. (See: Mystery Of Reddit’s Giant Crocodile Solved -PHOTO

Is the giant crocodile reportedly killed in Zimbabwe a fact or fiction? Does the African giant crocodile photo look real or fake? You be the judge by sharing your opinion in the comment box below.

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Huge Crocodile:  This crocodile measure 4.5 meters and the ladle was shot in Zimbabwe because it had the tendency to come to eat in the village rather than in the river. 

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