Bloody Trail of Christianity! Bloody Trail of Christianity!!


Enter the main man himself, the reason why so many, the world over, believers of myths, dreamed up by a small group of pastoral nomads who did not think that their stories,in their time, meant for their ego boosting, libido masturbation, would be the main stay of the religious belief of a great percentage of the world’s population.

It was the church’s insistence upon uniformity that appealed to the Roman Emperor Constantine. Constantine, a man who had his son executed and his wife boiled alive, saw in Christianity a pragmatic means of bolstering his own military power and uniting the vast and troubled Roman Empire. The story is told of Constantine’s dream which led to his acceptance of Christianity in which he saw across the sky inscribed with the words ” in this sign thou shalt conquer”‘, the sign being the ‘Christian’ monogram Khi and Rho, that make up the first two letters in Jesus’s name in Greek. He made his soldiers have the sign (sacred talisman) on their shields in battle with his enemy, Maxemus, and won. While he personally converted to Christianity on his deathbed, Constantine recognized Christianity as a means of conquering dissension within the Roman Empire and instated it as the Empire’s official religion. That was how the Christianity you know today, took its modern root, a convenient arrangement for mutual benefit, between church and state!

Once Christianity gained prominence, the orthodox allowed the Roman emperor to directly influence Christian doctrine. To settle ideological disputes in the church, Constantine introduced and presided over the first ecumenical ( universal creed) council at Nicea in 325.

The historian Walter Nigg describes the means of reaching a consensus: “Constantine who treated religious questions solely from a political point of view, assured unanimity by banishing all the bishops who would not sign the new profession of faith. In this way unity was achieved. It was altogether unheard of that a universal creed should be instituted solely on the authority of the emperor, who as catechumen ( unbaptised trainee convert ) before, was even admitted to the mystery of the Eucharist and was totally unempowered to rule on the highest mysteries of faith. Not a single bishop said a single word against this monstrous thing”.

One of the political decisions reached at the council of Nicea established the NICENE CREED, a means of keeping the belief in singular supremacy intact while simultaneously incorporating Jesus, for the first time, into the image of God.

There you have it! This man, who is a non- Christian, a monster, executed his son and boiled his wife alive, presided over what has come to be the creed of a lot of Christians to this day. He was responsible for elevating Jesus to the level of God (one good turn deserves another. He had seen part of his name in a vision, which ensured his victory in battle, so why not promote him to the same level as God?)

Jesus was not to be considered mortal; he was an aspect of God, which could be understood as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This was never to be found in any bible at any time until this very day, brought into play by this very evil monster of a man.

This new Holy Trinity was not even an original idea; it mimicked a much older portrait of divinity that embodied the value of difference. For instance, the vision of God in the Gnostic ‘ secret book of John’ – ” I am the father, I am the mother, I am the Child”. The ‘ mother’ aspect of this trinity was replaced by the ‘spirit’ (neuter) to eliminate any association of feminism with the divine, thereby promoting total divine masculinity.

Having said the above, you have to give it to the God of the Jews. It is easy to think that there must a truth in the assertion that he works in mysterious ways, as it was the belief of many faces of God that endeared the faith to the lay Romans. It helped accommodate Christianity, not the uniqueness of the Christian theology. Christianity now resembled certain elements of the Roman belief, particularly the worship of Mithra, or Mithraism.

As ‘protector of the Empire’, Mithra was closely tied to the sun gods, Helios and Apollo. Mithra’s birthday on 25 December, close to the winter solstice, became Jesus’ birthday. Shepherds were to have witnessed Mithras’s birth and were to have partaken in a last supper with Mithra before he returned to heaven. Mithra’s ascension, correlating to the sun’s return to prominence around the spring equinox, became the Christian holiday of Easter. Christians took over the cave -temple dedicated to Mithra in Rome on the Vatican Hill, making it the seat of the Catholic Church!

You heard it! And it is no myth. It is undeniable history kept away from most of the laity. The headquarters of your Christendom is a converted site that was the temple of Mithra. The Romans know this too. Why don’t you ask them next time you go on pilgrimage there, everything stemmed out of pagan worship. Yes! Everything Christian is borrowed from existing myths that have played themselves out at least 16 times before Jesus borrowed the idea. Does it ring a bell where you heard about a similar story?

You’d be right if you were thinking ‘Horus’. Yes! The Jesus half-story is a near carbon copy of the Egyptian Horus story! Horus legend was around, 3000 years before Jesus borrowed it, and prophet

Micah wished and disingenuously prophesied it-Micah 5:2.

The borrowing from Mithra does not end there.

The Mithraic high priest’s title PATER PATRUM, soon became the title for the bishop of Rome, ‘Papa’ or ‘Pope’.

It is not that the fathers of Christianity were not taken to task about explaining the mind bogging similarities. They replied that it was the work of the devil, declaring the much older legends of Mithraism to be an insidious imitation of the one true faith!

With no initial support from the church, the figure of Mary became revered as an image for the feminine aspect of God. As Christianity paralleled Mithraism, so the worship of Mary resembled the worship of the faces of the Goddesses, particularly of mother/son traditions such as Isis/Horus, Juno/ Mars, Cybele/ Attis and Neith/Ra. Mary was perceived to be a more accessible, approachable and humane figure than the judgmental, almighty God.

Once the worship of Mary was reluctantly accepted by the male dominated clergy, older temples of pre- Christian goddesses were rededicated or replaced with churches for Mary. In Rome, the Santa Maria Maggiore replaced Cybele’s temple. Near the Pantheon, a church dedicated to Mary adjoined Isis’s sanctuary, while another was built on a site, which had been dedicated to Minerva. In Cyprus, shrines that were Aphrodite’s hallowed ground easily became those of Mary, still called Panghia Aphrodesia to this day.

The picture in the Catacombs in Rome of the Madonna and Child is indeed that of baby Horus and Isis, mistaken by people as that of Mary and baby Jesus. What deception! The Catholic Church has kept some dark truths very close to their chest, only they are not saying anything, or showing anything, you didn’t ask! Same for the picture of the dark Jesus that only the pope and his inner circle are permitted to see.

The church reaped enormous gains by compromising its ideology and adapting prevalent beliefs. In 319, Constantine passed a law excusing the clergy from paying taxes or serving in the army and in 355 bishops were exempted from ever being tried in secular courts.

The laws progressed to make it illegal to disagree with the church and a prohibition forbade any discussions of religious topics. Eventually, in 392, the ancient multidimensional pagan worship was prohibited and considered a criminal activity. Pagan temples were pillaged and destroyed and by 435, the control was total, a law threatened any heretic in the Roman Empire with death. Judaism remained the only other legally recognized religion. Yet the Jews were isolated as much as possible, with intermarriage between Jew and Christian carrying the same penalty as adultery: The woman would be executed! Now you know where some fanatical Muslims got the idea.

The church had triumphed! The belief in but one face of god had led to the legal enforcement of but one religion!

Orthodox Christians acted on their belief about God. As they perceived God to control in an authoritarian manner, so they set out to find a way in which they, in God’s name, could exercise similar authoritarian control. To that end, they built an organization that appealed to the government of the Roman Empire by promoting uniformity and obedience. In all likelihood, these Christians altered the story of Jesus’ death in order to dissociate Christianity from rebellion against Roman authority. It was more expedient to blame the Jews!

They established criteria that made it easy to recruit large numbers of people. The early church compromised its ideology to accommodate contemporary beliefs. It was through political maneuvering that the church won its standing as the official religion of the Roman Empire and the accompanying secular power and privilege.

If we pause for a moment here to review the information we just got, to realize that the same bible you hold most highly, was put together by these ‘evil saints’ who had their survival to consider in the presence of the monstrous pagan King Constantine (murderer of his own son and wife, that he boiled) who had his own ulterior motive to control his subjects by this intoxicating magic of sheepish faith. These were people who would do anything to have control over people and they were given a free hand, a blank cheque to do what they liked with the information they had. They would obviously doctor every document to read just as they liked, don’t you think?

The bible has not come to you by any other source but through their tampering and bloodied hands. The question is, would you trust your faith in the hands of those men? It is time to think, reason and see that you have been had!

Let’ s continue:
The church went through a very dark period of exterminating many dissenting voices, as heresy against the church. Many noble men were burnt alive, who dared to think differently or question the authority of the church. The church became so powerful and paranoid as well that it deemed it necessary to oppose the study of grammar and Latin.

The church language was Latin and the Greek bible was translated into the language of the Roman people but not for the plebeians and not even for some people of higher class. Only the clergy and kings were permitted to read the bible.

Pope Gregory I, a man thought to have been one of the architects of the medieval order, condemned education for all but the clergy as folly and wickedness. He forbade laymen to read even the bible. He had the library of the Apollo burned down ” lest its secular literature distract the faithful from the contemplation of heaven” every form of learning was discouraged for the laymen apart from ones to keep him bowed in godly contemplation!

The church amassed inordinate amount of wealth, by manipulating the teachings, that they themselves constructed, like the Greek immortal soul teaching, implied a need for various destinations for the soul- heaven, hell-fire, purgatory, limbo, paradise, it became easy for a priestly class to keep their flocks submissive and in fear of the hereafter and to extract gifts and donations from them.

Constantine favoured the Eastern, Greek side of his empire by having a vast new capital city built in what is today Turkey. He named it Constantinople (modern Istanbul). The result was that over the centuries, the Church became polarized and split both by language and Geography- Latin speaking Rome in the west and Greek speaking Constantinople in the East.

Divisive debates about the aspects of the still developing Trinity teaching continued to cause turmoil in Christendom. Another council was held in 451 AD to define the character of Christ’s nature. There was disagreement between East and West, leading to the first splintering, leading to the formation of the Coptic church of Egypt and Abyssinia and the Jacobite Churches of Syria and Armenia.

The trinity doctrine was a source of the greatest disagreement, so also was the veneration of images. Eastern Bishops rebelled against this idolatry and entered into an image destroying period.

What really caused the first big fracture was when the Western church added the Latin word ‘ filoque’ (‘and from the son’) to the Nicene Creed to indicate that the Holy Spirit proceeded from both the father and the Son. The result was a rift where the bishops at Constantinople condemned the pope both for his political activities and the equating of the “filoque’. They proceeded to further reject the pope’s claim of universal jurisdiction over the church. In 1054, the pope’s retaliation was to excommunicate the patriarch of Constantinople, who in return put a curse on the pope. That split eventually led to the formation of the Eastern Orthodox Churches- Greek, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian and other self-governing churches.

Whilst this wheel of change was going on, another movement, under the very nose of the Western church was beginning to cause turmoil. This was the beginning of attempts to translate the bible into the regional language of the South of France. Spare heading this was Peter Waldo who, after studying the translation zealously, concluded that the Christians should live like the apostles- without individual property. His movement was known as the ‘Waldenses’. They rejected the Catholic priesthood, indulgences, purgatory, transubstantiation, and other Catholic practices and beliefs. They spread into other countries. The Catholic Church tried to check them by banning the possession of Scriptural books; only books of liturgy were allowed and then only in the dead language of Latin. But more religious division and persecution was to come…!

The next step the Church took was to establish the INQUISITION, a tribunal set up to suppress heresy. The inquisition started an era of religious persecution that resulted in abuses, false and anonymous denunciations, murder, robbery, torture, and the slow death of thousands who dared to believe differently from the church!

This is the appropriate point to look at the pioneer rebels that caused the church to splinter into various little groups as we have them today. Also the brave men that risked their lives to make the bible available in the language that you read it today. The news is not good! I must tell you now, for their gallant efforts, they were Skewered alive, almost bar none met a gruesome end by the church, and the ones they could not get to in time before they died, they exhumed and burnt their bones as punishment, posthumously for the heresy of making information available for all!

Coffee time? Join me and we will look at the important dead heroes that changed the course of history, after which we round up with the inquisition and final thoughts . I am glad you are still with me. It gets more interesting!… and gruesome…!

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