Is the West, Pro-Africa development, or Anti-Africa development?

Looking at historical and current events of the West's involvement in Africa Affairs - led to this question: Is the West, Pro-Africa development, or Anti-Africa development (growth)?

InformAfrica: It is obvious the US and their Western allies are mostly interested in (controlling) the political, social, food, natural resources, and health agendas of Africa. These are critical and delicate areas that could destroy the foundations of any economy – when manipulated by foreign influences coming mainly from the U.S, the UK, France, and Germany, etc., these are the same western countries involved in the colonization of Africa and her people. Literally, the West have zero history in the realistic developmental agendas of Africa, not that we need their help — anyway.

Africa indebted to IMF-World Bank

The IMF, World Bank, their over-capitalistic corporations and fake NGOs are keeping Africa indebted, poor and dependent. They are birds of the same feathers with United Nations and WHO.

Below is a breakdown (opinion) on the unfavorable aforementioned political, social, food, resources and health agendas of the West in African affairs:

The West agenda in African Politics: They turned our leaders into puppets, helping to install only leaders that would push their foreign interests over that of Africans. They bomb, assassinate, and disseminate lies about our revolutionary leaders who don’t kiss ass and are fighting for real sovereignty of the people.

The West agenda in Africa’s Social matters: They threaten to impose economic sanctions on African countries who don’t accept that lgbt crap or whatever that socially destructive homosexual degeneration mechanism of the people – is called. Somebody tell Barack Obama and David Cameron: they can’t force their filthy homo agendas on the African people! #Babylons

The West agenda in African Food/Agriculture: They brought health-risky GMO foods into the continent, deceiving us we lack nutrients, and mis-informing us with their one-sided food security agenda nonsense, along with their partner in crime international organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), etc.,. They are destroying our traditional agricultural system, and giving our farmers patented GMO seeds, hereby controlling our food supply.

10 Years of IMF Structural Adjustment Policy

A depiction of “10 Years of IMF Structural Adjustment Policy”. Can you spot the difference?

The West agenda in Africa’s natural resources: If you’ve never asked yourself this question – “how is it that Africa is so rich in resources and yet so poor?“; then you are probably part of the problem or deeply ignorant on issues affecting your people and continent. Of course, one could argue that the stealing and exploiting of Africa’s resources would not be possible without the help of our puppetic leaders. But then again, history shows that the West has no friends and would do anything and everything in its powers to fulfill their diabolic agendas — even without the cooperation of weak African leaders.

The West agenda in African Health: They deceived us that traditional and herbal medicines are not effective, that we need pharmaceutical solutions with complicated side effects and vaccines that contain chimpanzee and monkey viruses. There are several independent research and reports that exposes the so-called Western power’s biological warfare agenda on the African continent.

What road, what bridge, what railways, what school, etc., has the West assisted in building in Africa? Here’s the answer: NONE!

All they do is send military troops to Africa (especially the U.S) to secure our natural resources for themselves, while lying about billions of aids with ridiculous interest rates – they are giving to Africa, keeping us dependent, poor and indebted to the World Bank and IMF – for who knows how long [?]

Do your independent research, and form your own conclusion to understand the issues facing Africa today and how to break away from such.

It is estimated that about 65% of Africa’s population are below the age of 35 years, and over 35% are between the ages of 15 and 35 years – making Africa the most youthful continent. By 2020, it is projected that 3 out of 4 people, will be an average of 20 years old. About 10 million young African youths arrive each year on the labor market – alone.

What does this mean? The future and success of Africa, now and in the coming years, are in the hands of the youths (we are the majority). This is why we ought to understand the political infrastructure of Africa today, and how to bring power back to the people – tomorrow.

By Kevin Onuma /
InformAfrica — Informing Africans on the continent and in diaspora

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