African christians and their “thank god for waking me up” mentality

InformAfrica – This post evaluates African christians and their “thank god for waking me up” mentality. A poor religious mentality which suggest shallow African christians go to sleep not expecting to wake up the next day!

South africans praying

Here’s a photo of Black South Africans praying fervently to an imaginary foreign god in a tent with no electricity,while burning up in heat. Black South Africans, is this how low you have brought yourselves? They stole your land and gave you their foreign religion; yet you’re thanking their non-existing god for that?

One shouldn’t be surprised if birds are smarter than some human beings, especially those who have sold surrounded their souls and mentality to unrealistic mind enslaving religious belief systems.

Some of African christians will wake up on a day like Sunday just to go and worship the ancestor of a race foreign to them in church and chip in 10% of your earnings to the pockets of your various deceptive clergies.

It’s even ridiculous that many christians often wake up each day and thanking some god in the sky for waking them up.

Thank god for waking me up!” They often shallowly proclaim on Facebook, Twitter, and their everyday social networks.

Ask Yourself: Were you sick the night you went to sleep? Were you at the point of death before laying on your bed overnight? If you are not dying, then why are you thanking an imaginary god for waking you up??

It’s ridiculous because it seems the weak-minded people that say such things as “thank god for waking me up” – go to sleep at night with the thought that they may not make it to see the light of the next day. Rather, it is likely better to have the mindset of “Thank god for life” instead, in connection with African Gods closest to your heart.

Here’s calling for freedom from religious mental slavery: Free Your Mind & Think! 

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