African slavery, Islam and Christianity and African slave capturers

InformAfrica – The following mind opening article on ‘African slavery, Islam and Christianity and African slave capturers’ is written by Teekay Akin to inform the African people. Take a minute to digest the information and hopefully, help spread the word so others (still religiously enslaved) may be enlightened.

African slavery, Islam and Christianity and African slave capturers

African slavery, Islam and Christianity and African slave capturers

When we speak of slavery and the role of religion right through the Arab times to the European times, many try to undermine the role of religion, but here I’ll albeit briefly lay it down as many earlier historians and thinking African men have.

If we look at today’s Africa what do we see, we see people at each other’s throats over religion – what religions? – Christianity and Islam.

How do they see each other? For most of the part even in the 21st century they still see themselves as eternal enemies – some sinners and doomed and hell-bound, others infidels and sub-humans. This is what we still see today in Africa, the huge divide. Take a look at Nigeria, 21st century, some religious group murdering and killing others, others exploiting, oppressing and stealing out-rightly from their followers.

This is what foreign religions have always done – divide and conquer!

In the Arab invasion of the 7th century AD, it was very important to make their captives from war Muslims, train them and throw them in battle against their kind. Why? Because they had been brainwashed to be doing some god – the god of their masters – work. Hence easily they joined the Arabs in the capture and enslavement of their kind. Because they saw their kind even though Black men like themselves, as infidels, as nothing, as enemies of their god, as idol worshipers and sub-humans and hence captured, oppressed and enslaved them with the Arabs.

Then came the Europeans using the same tactics, invaded lands, captured some and brainwashed them as Christians. Making them feel they were the descendants of some Ham from the bible which was cursed by the god/his prophet therein, and only that god could save them and once they believed, they saw their kind as sinners, hell-bound and as people who should suffer in slavery and oppression for their disbelief. Hence they joined the Europeans in the raids and capture of their kind, some even doing it solo and selling their kind to the Europeans as others had earlier done with the Arabs.

Now, look at today, the same still goes on. The hatred and divisions of our people along foreign religions remain. The killings, oppression, divisions, murdering, rape and exploitation continue amass!

I have received threats and insults from Christians and Muslims alike – all Africans – These are fellow Black brothers and sisters who based on their foreign religions have simply hated and despised me. Some even saying openly that they will kill me for free, if I they ever see or meet me.

Imagine slavery were still in place today and I was not a believer as I am today, wouldn’t I have been captured along with non-believers like myself and sold into slavery?

Wouldn’t these religious nuts assume themselves to be doing the work of their gods?

These foreign religions carefully brainwashed and divided the African masses and still does till day. Have you seen how they refer to other Africans who worship their African Gods as pagans, devils, the root-cause of the problems etc? Don’t you see how much they try to eradicate and exterminate anyone or group or culture that isn’t bound by their foreign religious insanity?

Haven’t you witnessed the uproars that happened when a Governor of a state in Nigeria introduced the study of the Yoruba religion in schools?

Haven’t you see African religion worshippers being attacked during their festivals and processions?

Haven’t you see how they pray for them to fall down and die calling them demons and Satanists?

And this is the 21st century, now imagine what it would have been like a thousand to two thousand years ago! Imagine what it was like when slavery was in full force?

Imagine how it was when a once conquered people finally get integrated into the religion and system of their enemy-slave masters and unleash terror on their likes?

As these religious folks made money off selling their kind into slavery so do religious folks today make money off their so called congregations.

And this was not just an African practice, it was well documented in Europe during the Inquisitions and other times, where under Christianity, Europeans burnt, hung, killed and dismembered their own kinds on stake because of their disbelief.

So nothing new was being done under the name of these religions – NOTHING NEW!

Imagine what foreign religions have caused and brought us as a people – the divisions, deaths, slavery, betrayal, death, oppression, subjugations etc.

You might decide to turn a blind eye based on your ignorance and fear of the truth BUT that doesn’t change the facts of the truth, that doesn’t change the truth and reality one bit. As we can draw from history to back up reality and can use reality to back up history!

I’ve always said the foreign religious of today that preaches Christianity/Islam or its gods and books to any African is nothing short of the foreign religious African that sold his kind into slavery in those years is was called slave ships/caravans today it’s called fellow-ships! And such is doomed!


By Teekay Akin [Akin Adeseye] | Free Africa Project

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