Africans, Guess What? You are GREAT without a god!

InformAfrica – What if I tell you (Africans) – you are Great without a god? Would that be considered a crime? What if the (only) definition of ‘God’ was ‘Great’? Would you refuse to claim your greatness? Let us reason on as I discuss about greatness and god.

Africans you are Great without a god

Africans, you are Great without a god! (Photo courtesy: M-Net Africa)

First, what are the definitions of the word ‘God‘?

One of the widely known and accepted definition of ‘God‘ in reality is an adored, admired, or influential person. Another known definition of ‘God‘ which is only accepted in certain religions or culture (not globally accepted) is that of a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; i.e., a deity.  For example, African deities (Sàngó – Yoruba God of thunder, Amadioha – Igbo God of Thunder and Lightning, Ikenga – Igbo God of strength, Ogún – Yoruba god of iron).

And lastly, the definition of ‘God‘ only accepted in Christianity and other monotheistic (the believe in only one god) religions is the belief and worshiping of a creator and ruler of the universe and ‘assumed’ source of all moral authority; a divine image. 

Take a look at the above definitions of ‘God‘ closely, notice their similarities and then relate with the definitions of ‘Great‘ as explained below on

Great has so many definitions, some of which are not closely related to what is being discussed on InformAfrica today. For example, ‘great‘ in terms of quantity (size) does not reflect the message conveyed in this InformAfricans post.

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Moving onward, one of the related definitions of ‘Great‘ in this context is a person (someone) who is very skilled or capable in a particular area. For example, someone great at blogging (a great blogger), someone great at speaking (a great speaker), someone great at leading/ruling (a great Afrikan king).  Another related definition is that of someone with an ability, quality, or eminence that is considerably above the normal or average person; a superior being (person).

So what does ‘Great‘ and ‘God‘ have in common? Depending on the context, any human and even a deity can be regarded as ‘Great‘ and/or ‘God‘. Of course, you can’t just wake up and assume or regard a particular deity or person to be ‘Great‘ or of ‘God‘ qualities without any substantial evidence of what such have accomplished or possess to deserve such superb title.

For instance, if you’re going to regard someone as ‘Great‘ or ‘God‘, what extraordinary thing(s) have that person or deity done or accomplished that (is) benefit(ing) to others (people) – that you or anyone else couldn’t do for yourself(s)? Is the person or deity powerful (intellectual) enough to influence the decision (or motivation) of (many) others towards a particular cause? Is the deity or person able to protect a whole village, city or nation in time of distress or even in terms of providing? If someone is very very good (excellent) at mathematics or problem solving, would it be wrong to regard  the person as ‘a Great Mathematician‘? or better yet, the ‘God of Mathematics‘?

My point is, if someone is ‘Great‘ (at anything “positive”) that person is a ‘God‘ (of that thing they are great at). I therefore use this as an opportunity to remind fellow Africans at home and in diaspora – that they (are) can be ‘Great‘ without a ‘God‘ of any religion. Many of our Afrikan ancestors lived a great life, their greatness continues in the gene of (many) every African of today – it’s only a matter of discovering and accepting your greatness.  BTW, as far as you got Black in your skin; you are an AFRICAN.

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True great men (gods) and women (goddesses), don’t live their lives (totally) dependent on any or other gods or things. Why? Because whatever you live your life (totally) dependent on, for any reason – may end up becoming hard (impossible) to imagine or attempt to live your life without such thing i.e., such person will die without such dependency. For example, many African Christians are fond of saying: “God without you, (he/she) is nothing!“. I intentionally used “he/she” in replacement of “I”.

Fellow Africans, do you get the message in this informative post on I truly hope so because – Africans, you are indeed ‘Great‘ without any external ‘God‘!

Discover, accept, and enhance your GREATNESS! ….without a God! (Believe in yourself. It takes you.)


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