InformAfrica – Fellow Africans, don’t you realize your history is flowing in your veins? How difficult is it to perceive your great Afrikan ancestors are living in and through you?

Now, we are not talking about those that sold their souls to foreign religions; rather we are talking about those that stayed true to their original roots, culture, and traditions!

The following passage was composed by Philmore AKHENATEN Carter, author of “RELIGIONS EXPOSED: Exposing the Bible, Quran, Christianity, Islam, Their Holy-men & Their Gods.

How can you say you ancestors are dead, when NATURE tells us that they live in our DNA/genes. When you look in the mirror you are actually looking at all your ancestor that lived millions of years ago. And your children will carry that tradition on until the end of time.

So if you want to honor your ancestor the best thing that you can do is stop worshiping a dead Jew as your god. There are plenty of mighty African’s DNA/genes that are flowing through your vein right now that deserves more respect than that Jew does.

Of course if you don’t know your history you will adapt the history of another race as your own

Any African that is living in the twenty-first century that knows more about Jewish history or the Arab history more the he does his own history such an African is a disgrace to himself his children and his race.

Any African who loves a dead Jew more that he love his mother deserves to be spanked with a dodo stick seven times a week and twice on Sundays.

Philmore AKHENATEN Carter

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