Do Africans On The Continent Know Their True History?

By Kevin Onuma,

InformAfrica – Do Africans on the continent know their true history? Certainly, very few do and many do not. Why? Because majority only know the Eurocentric version of African history.

Africans and African History. True Afrikan history.

Do Africans know their true Afrikan history?

I recently discovered a photo post on Reunion of Black Family World Wide Facebook page, and thought I’d share the photo (above) here on to enlighten fellow Africans and also add my opinion at the same time.

The message on the photo above says:

“Don’t get it twisted, many Africans (not all) on the continent don’t know much about African history. All they know is the twisted Eurocentric version. School in Africa is still Eurocentered. Our History had been “colonized”, twisted, and re-written”.

Personally speaking, before leaving Nigeria for the States, I only knew very little about African history. The little I knew about African slavery or slave trade back then was from watching the 1977 movie “Roots“. (Your name is Tobi, no…Kunta…Kinte) After watching the film (as a kid) I did wondered at one point why the white man could be so cruel to mankind (didn’t even really understand or knew about racism then). And if I can recollect, I watched the Roots movie on NTA sometime around 1990-1995 and haven’t seen the film again since then.

Roots is an American television miniseries based on Alex Haley’s novel Roots: It is the saga of an American Family, which aired in the U.S in the 70s and thereafter broadcasted on Nigeria Television Authority in the late 80s and early 90s. –Mcub3

But where’s the time to try to reason out what I saw in the Roots movie when I have to join my parents in worshiping the white man almost every day for Sunday mass, Wednesday mass, and sometimes Friday mass? Not to even mention Catechism classes every Saturday and sleepless nights I have to put up by joining my mother for night vigils, prayer meetings, charismatic fellowships, and what not. Above all, I’m still expected to outperform in my academic studies. THANK YOU SWEET JESUS! (LOL).

But for real, where is the time for many Africans on the continent to learn about their real undiluted Afrikan history when majority of their time and thinking faculty are spent worshiping a fairytale bible god in church, at home, and literally everywhere they go? Not to mention having to cope with the every day economic hardship many are faced with due to the high level of corruption practiced and promoted by our African leaders. Hardly is their electricity. Neither is there even easy access to information due to lack of infrastructure and even very little access to internet where there’s plenty of free information to enlighten many Africans.

Anyway, I agree in conclusion that many Africans on the continent don’t know their true history because if they did – today they won’t be fervently worshiping a white man and arab invented gods or messiahs, but rather worshiping their own. At times I can’t help but shake my head in pity at the rate Africans on Facebook and Twitter say the most religiously ignorant things. Afrikans that first invented gods many years ago are now today worshiping the gods of those who stole and manipulated everything we stand for.

We are in the age of enlightenment. Africans….free your minds and think!


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