Africans Get-up Off Your Knees Please!! (Religious Slavery)

InformAfrica – Africans Get-up Off Your Knees Please!! Philmore Carter emphasizes Africans can achieve anything they put their minds to; in unity, and helping one another to succeed – disregarding mental religious slavery.

Africans Get-up Off Your Knees Please!! -Philmore Carter 

African school children on their knees praying

African shcool children on their knees praying

  • Planting is better than praying…..prayer has never made a single tree grow since the beginning of time.

  • Studying is better than praying….prayer can never make anyone pass the college entrance examination.

  • Research is much better than prayer…prayer has never cured any disease, it never discovered a disease.

  • Helping is better than praying…prayer has never fed a hungry child, or stop him/her from being raped.

  • Learning to swim is better than praying… prayer has never saved a drowning person.

  • Standing up for your rights is better than kneeling down and praying for your rights.

  • Two hands that help the needy are better than a thousand lips that pray for them.

There is not one thing on earth I can think of that Africans can “magically accomplish” from praying.

I know that the Africans can achieve anything that they put their minds to, I also truly know that the Africans can accomplished just as much and even more than any other race of people on earth.

So get up off your knees please and be all you can be, unclasped your hands and help your fellow Africans. Please open your eyes and focus on the African prize.

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By Philmore Carter, philosopher and regular contributor at InformAfrica

2 Responses to Africans Get-up Off Your Knees Please!! (Religious Slavery)

  1. andy estrada December 29, 2012 at 11:31 am


    I love your articles. this is a good debate. a real true relationship with God. is not religion or magic mumbo jumbo. it is faith trust dependence upon God who is greater than ourselves. Jesus Christ set the example for us. Love God Love others. apart from that we will always be slaves to ourselves, slaves to this world slaves to our sinful nature. in a true relationship with God we are free. free to grow thrive all these things you mention we do we do more free in the love of God. man made religion and it is that religion that made a poor example to all fellow mankind. our self dependence will go so far. when we really believe we are not our own that there is a God, believe Him and trust Him the freedom is endless :)

  2. abueng January 8, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Andy, I think you lost the plot somewhat. It is exactly that mentality/attitude/behaviour that the writer is trying to correct/adjust.
    Your last sentence just killed it and justifies the writer’s comment. So you must trust and people a certain god for endless freedom? Why can’t you take that freedom without a middle man or god? if you free yourself from believing that someone or something or somegod will free you from sin (or sinful nature), then you will start realizing your true freedom and emancipation. the way all religions are man made….including christianity.


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