Humanity began in Africa, shouldn’t we know about Gods 1st?

People deserve to know the truth. is bringing the real Afrikan truth and information to liberate our minds from mental religious slavery; then we can truly move forward.

By Teekay Akin (Akinyemi Adeseye)

InformAfrica – If humanity started in Africa, shouldn’t we be the first ones to know about God[s]? Try preaching god to the so called first man. Time to liberate your mind from religious slavery, read on…..

Africans and Church slavery

Today, in both the United States and in Africa, many Black people still hold Christian beliefs very dear despite this horrible history, as this is the religion that was passed down to the descendants of slaves.
(Caption: Front-Free: A question of race and religion)

Like I’ve mentioned earlier and countless numbers of times…

First, we have to rid ourselves form these foreign religions, beliefs, gods and tales – These were not brought to liberate us, but rather to enslave us.

Our fore-fathers knew about gods, History and science even said humanity started from Africa, and as evidences have shown, then who would you bet to know more about any gods?

The first people that arrived on the scene or those that arrived later- It’s like you carrying your bags and going to preach about gods to the so called first man and woman Adam and Eve. Wouldn’t that be foolish?

 In order to truly and permanently solve Africa’s problem(s), our mind must first change – otherwise; we’re working backwards. -Kevin Onuma.

And if they should dump their own idea of god and tag along with yours, wouldn’t we look at them now and wonder how foolish and stupid they are?

Wouldn’t we be looking at the motion pictures and wondering why the so called first man who knew the god, his own creator and saviour could dump all that and go tag along with the tales of other men?

That is the same way we are acting today, in folly blind followership and stupidity!

Which is why we have to rid ourselves from this insanities and slaveries!

Many Africans are mentally enslaved to western religion. Catholic missionary celebrating Mass in Congo, 1740's.

Religious slavery of Africans: Catholic missionary celebrating Mass in Congo, 1740’s. (Source: National Humanities Center)

Religion will never liberate you as religion is slavery!

Even if you must believe in a god, re-trace your steps to your ancestors the first people, they should have the true tales of any gods, if any of such exists. They should have that knowledge above any man, and history tell us that they did have knowledge and mythologies of gods. Hence if you must believe in a god, then return to the real gods of your ancestors and not tag along as slaves to those of other men!

Once done, we can all return back to our Africaness and there unite and re-define our lives and path, break all these systems slavery and colonialism have set up for us and chart our future as TRUE independent and free men!”- Teekay AkinFreedomMovementVoice 

“The religious folks say: if the foreign gods are not good why do they have many followers?”

To that I respond:

Because of the fools who have belittled themselves to become slaves and follow them! It’s this simple, if you leave your home and discard your parents and tag along with the parents of another man. Surely that man will have more children albeit adopted or just runaway, prodigal kids that are following him and a fool might see him with many kid and praise him..

But the wise know that not until you return to your homes and ancestors/parents shall your own home be glorified and praised! you have contributed to the glorification and worship and praise of other while neglecting your own home to death!

WAKE UP!!!” says Teekay Akin.

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By Revolutionist and Philosopher: Teekay Akin [Akinyemi Adeseye], FreedomMovementVoice. 

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