The US puts $900million on the table for Africans? -JOKE OF THE YEAR

InformAfrica – This informative topic titled “The US puts $900 Million on the table for Africans? -JOKE OF THE YEAR“, is written by Wangusi Masinde, and is a bit viral on Facebook. This news post begs to inform the global African people on factors affecting Africa’s economical development, and why we must put an end to unrealistic foreign dependency such as the US-Africa Summit.

US-Africa Summit Obama African Leaders Photo

US PUTS $900 Million on table for Africans? -JOKE OF THE YEAR, by Wangusi Masinde

$900 Millions for Africa by United States?? This is a joke. Africa pays United States $2.3 Billion dollars in non refundable visa fees and permits alone. So who is funding who? This is another photo shoot chance for our African Leaders falling for the demise of the US. I hope $900 Million is not in the form of arms to slaughter Africans.

In the same year, China has invested more than $100 Billion in serious projects. What a joke by the US President Obama.


Below are some of the most interesting and thought-provoking comments that followed:

  • “My dear wen shall we ever stop this American supremacy? How can one person move the whole African leadership to his home. Please this ain’t possible.” -Kibuule
  • “These are just neocolonialists minding less about Africa development agenda and the African leaders are lacking what to do, i wish they had refused to go there.” -Nuwamanya
  • “US is now at the cross roads of its shady foreign policy and its fake democratic internal affairs, US ‘s evil is slowly coming to surface after been involved in 144 wars FROM WOUNDED KNEE TO LIBYA.” -Ebrahim
  • “US has played gimmicks with African lives for many years. There is absolutely nothing important they can point to as a major project on the continent!! Has the US been born again now at last??
  • US has just passed a bill awarding Israel over $230 Million dollars in form of weapons to continue bombing Palestinian women and children. Talk of an immoral nation with blood on her hands on this planet.” -Wangusi Masinde
  • “Those guys are scared of China and Russia. We cant be their slaves forever !” “They are going to be treated as second class leaders. !.” -Rosy
  • “The US didn’t hold guns to the “leaders'” heads. These sellouts went there willingly. They don’t deserve my respect. Whats the use of the AU?” -Kea
  • “My brother,  Biological Warfare Department is the international community also. The fastest growing economies on this Earth is in Africa. Eventually at this rate, African countries will over take the economies of Europe and it is this that the western countries want to stop any means necessary. They cannot have Black countries out doing White controlled countries. It just might mean that Blacks are smarter when no one else is controlling them but themselves. They hate this notion and don’t want to face it no matter what. do not trust them at all…” -Yozhky
  • “I stand to be corrected that this is the machination of the west solely for the control of African population. They ha e tried Aids, next is thé champaign for homosexuality and now Ebola which they always link to African monkeys as if there were no Australian monkeys. The most hilarious is the linking to Bush meat which our progenitors relish as delicatessen. Africans cannot be lied to again.” -Yozhky
  • “These thieves steal100% and gives back 1% as in loans and call it AID.” -Wangusi
  • “From all these things one thing is for sure, Africa needs a revival, something like the baby boom in America in the 1950s. a social economic and political reawakening, and also to remember that no one cares about us anymore so we need to move ourselves to our desired destinies” -Apollo
  • “The problem with Africa we do not analyze and do not think, we only believe whatever is given to us. If we start questioning anything which comes our way we shall be better off, secondry we should always seeks solutions to our immediate needs other than always look else where for help or solutions to our problems” -Kiwanuka

Every year Africa give the West $59 Billion US dollars in net profits. That would build 100 Hospitals, 50 Universities, 4 major high ways 1000 miles road. Etc. Jeffrey (commenter) does not know much apart from what he hears from CNN, False or sorry Fox and ABC news.

How can UN pay $1 Billion dollars just to sustain a UN so called peace keepers in DRC? What peace are they keeping if they are not ripping Africa of our resources?

Central Africa is in turmoil because Europe would not run their NUCLEAR HUNGRY PLANTS WITHOUT OUR URANIUM. In fact there would be serious electricity shortages across Europe if not African Uranium.

This is not even 20 years ago where the West lied to the world about their activities in Africa.” -Wangusi

  • “Leaders of Africa are preparing young generation to beggers youth leaders and depend much on foreign aids which distorts innovation to young generation on developing ideas to solve social problems. Africa we are givers and region of full opportunity to see a better future Africa and not Begging Africa…the destiny is on our hands brothers and sisters” -Tumainiel 

This news post aim to inform the African people, both at home and in diaspora (Africans abroad), on factors affecting Africa’s economical development, and why we the people must take actions to strengthen Africa’s link on the international level, not our puppetic and fearful so-called leaders.

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