Why Do Africans Like To Believe Instead of Knowing?

InformAfrica – Africans need to stop believing and start knowing. When you truly ‘know’ something, then you eliminate the need to ‘believe’ in that thing. Quit the deceptive religious beliefs and increase true knowledge with proof!

Believing and Knowing difference

Believing and Knowing difference: ‘Believing’ is blind trust, while ‘knowing’ is trusting with evidence or awareness.

Belief‘ should only be applied in terms of self confidence, when interacting with your inner self. [For example, I believe in myself. It is my belief that what goes up must come down. I believe I can do it. etc.]. Western religious beliefs has and will never do anything positive for the African people, neither will it solve any of Africa’s problems.

You are the originator of your internal beliefs and destiny, any external beliefs will only destroy or manipulate your true inner self or destiny. There is a dire need for Africans to believe in themselves!

How is believing in external circumstances any beneficial to the African people? It makes no sense! For instance, if someone tells you they can fly, shouldn’t you ask the person for proof they can fly? Show me you can fly! If someone tells you color Blue and color Yellow makes color Green, wouldn’t you like some experimental proof to back it up before accepting? (which is true anyway). Likewise if someone tells you there are angels or super humans in the sky, wouldn’t you like some proof of their existence before accepting as true? When you know, you know!

Why would any sane Being expect any African to believe in something they cannot prove its existence? Those that truly love and care about you, will help you to know. Those that hate your entire well-being and don’t want you to eat from the tree of knowledge – will expect you to believe without knowing. This is one of the major problems the African people both on the continent and in diaspora are facing today. Many have been brainwashed to believe in things they don’t know, cannot see, no evidence of existence whatsoever, and is totally UNREAL!

In conclusion, when you know something for a fact, the need to believe in that thing has been eliminated. There’s a BIG difference between “I know that thing works” and “I believe that thing works”. The only time Africans need to believe in anything is when it pertains to their inner self, your consciousness, something that only you is meant to understand or believe you can do – you don’t need no proof to believe in yourself! However, all external things or circumstances must be backed up with proof before you accept the fact! It is that simple!!

Below are some keypoints on the difference between ‘Believing and ‘Knowing‘:

1. ‘Believing’ means you chose to accept something is truth, but ‘knowing’ means that you are certain about that truth.

2. ‘Believing’ always create room for doubts, but ‘knowing’ leads to confidence or assurance.

3. ‘Believing’ is blind trust, while ‘knowing’ is trusting with evidence or awareness.

Remember: “Knowing” supersedes “Belief”. When you know, there’s no need to believe.

Fellow Africans, I leave you with one important question to help you think for yourselves:

Do you want to “know” or do you want to “believe“?


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