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InformAfrica’s mission is to become Africa’s number one useful information resourceful site.

Our version of 411 simply means information for Africa, and information means data that are processed to be useful; and provides answers to “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, and even how things occurred or expected to occur at a particular given time — in Africa to be precise.

Basically, InformAfrica will be informing the African people both at home and in Diaspora, about who, what, where, when, and how things are happening in African politics, health, entertainment, sports, business, breaking stories, job opportunities, and all things Africa. Information and news published via InformAfrica are more focused on those things that are influential, and calls for action or celebration. It is partly why this site is referred to as the “Information for Africa“.

InformAfrica.com was born due to the dire need of useful information by the African people in this information age. We believe the internet is one of the most fast and reliable ways to get important information to the African people, which will most likely lead to a better informed life for every African and the world at large.

InformAfrica.com can help deliver emergency and priority info to the African people through its website, email updates, RSS feeds, Mobile text, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and on African social networking site AfricansConnect.com, etc.

If you are a journalist, writer, blogger, or even supporters; and would like to be a part of InformAfrica.com. Please, send your inquiry to contact@informafrica.com. Our short mission at the moment is to form a team of dedicated and creative Africans that are willing to improve the lives of our people by educating and updating them with useful information that will promote a better well-being.

InformAfrica.com — Information for Africa 

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