Africa Is The Future, AfricansConnect To Unite Africans

Africa Is The Future! Let us Progress, Sustain and continue to Unite!

By Kevin Onuma

Truly, Africa is the future. Yes, the future of Africa is bright. So bright that insightful Africans in diaspora are relocating back to their respective countries to put their acquired skills and ideas to work – for their people.

Now, I know that many Africans in diaspora don’t recognize or have forgotten their true (original) home. I believe this is one of the disadvantages of living in diaspora. However, if Africans living at home are able to establish and maintain a healthy welcoming connection with those visiting the continent – it would help speed up Africa’s prospects. This includes the free transfer of good western knowledge from Africans in diaspora to those on the continent, in return – the free teaching of African values and tradition to Africans living in diaspora, increase in business partnership and trade, etc; systematically uniting Africans for good.

This brings us to the importance of connection (AfricansConnect).

Africa Is The Future.

The future is viewed as an opportunity for Africa to enjoy a new lease of life; to advance like all the other continents.

(Connect with other Africans from your country by tagging yourself to your country flag in the ‘Africa Is the Future’ photo on AfricansConnect Facebook page) 

What is connection? 

Africa Is The Future Shirt

Africa Is The Future!

Connection should be understood as a state of union, and I’m not referring to the Frank Capra 1948 film. This union is what some unethical imperialistic western powers want to deny Africa from completely achieving, but fortunately we are progressing.  This union (connection) groups all the nations (states) of Africa into one whole body; hence the United States of Africa (USA).

So when you think AfricansConnect, you think Unity. Where Africans at Home and Oversees, get to establish and maintain positive (beneficial) connections with one another. This connections could be a tool for global ‘African’ entrepreneurs to connect (ideas) with their fellow Africans on the continent – with developmental growth being a priority. This connections would contribute to Africa’s rapid economic growth. The future belongs to Africa.

A recent economic outlook by IMF forecasts states that “Africa will grab seven of the top ten places in the global markets over the next five years”. This phenomenon was taking hold in the continent while most of the global markets, particularly those in the developed world, were contracting below 4 to 8 percent in 2008 and 2009; Africa was enjoying a modest economic growth.

African root

Never forget your roots: AFRICA.

Africa is often referred to as the mother of nature; a place so blessed with natural habitats that nurtures ones’ heart and mind. When Africans living in diaspora seek to get away from all the stress they deal with in foreign land(s) (U.S, UK), they travel back home to enjoy mother nature – for either short or long term. Africa is one of the best travel destinations for tourists, and all well-wishers are always welcome to explore and appreciate what nature has to offer.

The idea or perspective behind AfricansConnect is to unite Africans utilizing opportunities provided by today’s social technology advancement such as social networking.   


About AfricansConnect

AfricansConnect is a social networking bridge where anyone can make new connections – with Africans on the continent and Africans in diaspora. Join or start a new network, share what’s on your mind, share photos, share YouTube videos, groups, blogging, events and social apps. We are still relatively new on the web, so join the movement!


Kevin Onuma is an editor, webmaster, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker; contributing to Africa’s online presence – promoting unity.

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