Debating foreign aid, and “Oyibos” western imperialism of Africa

This debate is not new among Africans all over the world. The western power has insulted Africa over and over again all in the name of foreign aid or assistance.

Recently, the British and U.S government threatened to cut off aids being offered to African nations for prosecuting homosexual practices in their respective countries. Many activists and African government officials saw this threat as an insult to both our African values and moral well-being. Continue reading…

Africa debate

This debate on foreign aid and western imperialism in Africa started when a fellow African (we are going to identify him as Mr. Cassava) stated the following:

I welcome any well meaning, caring, loving Oyibos (White People/Foreigners) to come to Africa and HELP!!! Help the Poor, The Homeless, The Hungry. The Sick, Children with AIDS, Women Raped by Military and Rebels, Children scarred and Maimed or accused of being witches. Since Africans DO NOT want to help their OWN but sit back make a lot of noise, excuses, bible verses and conspiracy theories…PLEASE , PLEASE come and help us!!! …adopt a few African kids along the way…. Thanks. 

The above statement caught the attention of another concerned African fellow (we are going to identify him as Mr Kolanut), who then popped the following question:

“Quick question though, how do you identify a well meaning, caring, loving Oyibo(s)?” 

Another African fellow (we are going to identify him as Mr. Ogbono) steps into the debate with the following statement:

Mr. Cassava, I spent the better part of last week defending the Kony movement. Africans dont want to help Africans back home, then now we also have the nerve to chastise those that are trying, only because they are white. Its unbelievable.

And to respond to Mr. Kola, any white person that leaves the comforts of America/Europe to go to a war front, disease plagued, stench of dead bodies filled air, minimal food and water, ON THEIR OWN DIME deserves a round of applaise. They are not “obligated” as we are, but we that are, sit here and politicize and discuss an event while people waste away. No one is saying pack bags and go home, but I have seen a bunch of elementary school kids organize and send things to Africa. We really have some nerve! Its alarming. 

I believe that Mr. Cassava’s point is that as long as we are not collectively doing something, we cannot start accusing those that are, even if their evil intentions are cloaked with charity.

Mr. Cassava responds to Mr. Kolanut’s query about how he identifies a well meaning, caring, loving Oyibo(s): 

I have identified a few…you identify well meaning Oyibos by their works. Unlike Africans, who would rather sit, complain, quote bible verses and sit on their asses and do absolutely nothing…., George Clooney was on Capitol Hill this week speaking on behalf of the people dying in Sudan. The link to the story is on my wall. He has spent a lot of time in the region helping the people over the past 5-10 years. He left the comforts of Hollywood to do all this. Feel free to Google his activities. Bono from U2 is another example and for a ton of examples of Oyibos sticking their necks out for Africans you can research CNN Heroes… 

Mr. Kola, the insults that I and my younger brother Mr. Ogbono had to endure during the whole Occupy Nigeria Movement from fellow Nigerians who would rather criticize us than stand up for the plight of their fellow Nigerians…my God…the nasty messages and insults from people who claim to be Christian by mouth alone and NOT in deeds or actions.

Mr. Ogbono replies to Mr. Cassava’s statement above:

Mr. Cassava, please qualify that statement by saying “Nigerians in America”, they knew better than the hundreds of thousands of Nigerians protesting in Naija. So, as I posted this morning, its now 60 days later. We should have saved $1.4 billion of that annual $8billion that was projected with the removal. Only thing is that the administration is not saying where this money is going. The Naija folk here that were for the removal are not saying much either. Well, thats another topic, I dont want my blood to boil on such a wonderful night so I will leave it for another day.

Mr. Kolanut steps back into the debate, responding to both Mr. Cassava and Mr. Ogbono: 

This is a very controversial matter, many back home are still opposing the establishment of the U.S Africa Command (Africom) (which was established against the will of Africans), while few in Diaspora (unfortunately some of em Africans) are saying “go get em Obama” “help Africa” “change Africa”, etc. If Obama is saying only Africans can help themselves, why are they still attempting to help us? Why bombing up Africa? Is bombing Africa the only solution? Is anyone bombing the U.S? Look, there’s a reason why we are Africans, there’s a reason why we can endure so much pain, and still smile at the end of the day. No doubt we are meant to go through hardships, we live and die, and Africa is not the only developing economy facing/living through this crisis. 

Now, there’s a hidden agenda behind every aid/help the U.S government (western powers) offers Africa. This are the same people forcing homosexuality on us, and threatening us with reduced aids or cutting off aids if we do not accept LGBT rights (Tufiakwa!!). 

Imagine if Africa has nothing, as in – no resources, oil, all those goodies that mother Africa offers us; will the U.S still try to help us? Will they be dominating Africa like they are/have been doing? Look, Africa is very very blessed that’s really why “All Eyes On Africa”. Our continent is gold, nations will kill to have what we have, its that simple. Why is it that African leaders who try to pursue an independent economic policy like Sudan’s Al-Bashir and Libya’s now-dead Gadhafi are rewarded with NATO bombs and arrest warrants by the International Criminal Court. Why is it that when the U.S government commits genocide, they don’t get prosecuted by the ICC? Has it occurred to you that Ugandan president Museveni is a willing tool of U.S. foreign policy. 

Museveni’s administration are helping the Obama administration back up an impotent government in Somalia, a regime so mistrusted by its people that it has no power outside of Mogadishu. Because Museveni plays ball with the United States, he is given a free pass, just like Ethiopia’s Zenawi, to commit human rights abuses, and go unpunished.

The U.S is not the only one fighting for Africa’s resources, but the dangers “imperialism” it carries is too heavy on Africa, systematically turning Africa into a money-making tool from every angle. 

One of Africa’s great heroes, Muammar Gadhafi, who have been deterring majority of the U.S tactics on the continent have finally been killed. Was it not just few months ago beautiful Libya was destabilized by U.S backed NATO operations, which resulted in the murder of their leader? Now eastern Libya is declaring semiautonomous region, which will eventually divide the oil rich north African nation. 

They don’t want Africa to unite by all means, if we unite we will conquer. They successfully divided Sudan, and now Libya is next. After wiping off Gadhafi, now is the perfect time to go after “Africa’s baddest guy”, Kony. Joseph Kony, who have leading his rebel group for over 20 years, is now the new Bin Laden. With Gadhafi out of the way, they now have more power to successfully complete their imperialistic dominance of the continent. (so they think!) 

I can go on and on about this, but am going to stop here, and advise that each and every one (African) that reads this, look beyond what the eye sees. Deception is a powerful tool, don’t be a victim!

Mr. Cassava responds to Mr. Kolanut’s statement:

Good point! They were insulting us saying the fuel subsidy is a good thing for Nigeria…”give the FG a chance ” they all said. As we said then it is happening now..a few selected people are chopping the money…..where are the new roads and infrastructure from the money saved from the fuel subsidy?? Smfh

Mr. Ogbono responds to Mr. Kolanut’s remark above: 

I agree with you 10000% as everything you wrote, I have written about. However, if you are taking care of your wife and children, I cannot come now and convince them that I will be their father and husband, they already have one. I saw Mr. Cassava’s post as a charge to all Africans. There is no husband/father at home so our wives and children (resources) are being raped and pimped. The only way to stop it is to fill the void. But at this point, Im not about talking, Im about doing. So conversations I have with people these days MUST be backed up with something they are doing, or actively planning on doing, else we all just need to shut up.

Ps. I agree with “most” of what you said, the bit about Africans being meant to suffer…God forbid, I reject that with all that is in me. Suffering is NOT, AND SHOULD NEVER BE SYNONYMOUS TO BEING AFRICAN!!!! 

Another African fellow (we are going to identify him as Mr. Pepper Soup), joins the conversation with the following statement:

SMH, I just hope that isn’t the dominant attitude on the continent. 

Do you know that you are sitting on many Trillions of dollars in natural resources? Do you know that governments around the world want to take those resources from you (by force if needed)? Do you know there are those who want to keep genocide and war going so you kill each other off? There is a reason why Obama said that Afrikans must help themselves. Read between the lines. He was saying that if others come in to help you they are going to take what you have. The mentality in the states is, If you can’t help yourselves you are like a child then you don’t deserve what you have.

If you don’t know that you have what we need then we are going to take it from you.

That is how slavery and colonialism happened – it happened because of “humanitarian reasons.” If you can’t help yourselves then those coming in will help you then re-colonize you and enslave you. That is the HARD truth. Know this.

Mr. Cassava responds to Mr. Kolanut’s latest statement above:  

We will have to agree to disagree on most of your points. Africans in my experience are selfish and wicked when it comes to helping their own. Let’s stay focused on the subject at hand and not veer off the cliff. Hidden agenda behind aid? America caused them to be in the desert as well eh? The somalia pirates that are kidnapping innocent people off cruise liners… Do u support them as well ? Like when they send food to starving Africans in Ethiopia abi? And where are they bombing? Was it not ghadaffis own people that rose up against him? You are now blaming them for homosexuality abi? Is it the white man that is causing book haram to bomb and kill Christians in the north? Is he causing the rebels in the Congo to rape African women? Making the African preachers in Akwa Ibom to have their congregation disown their own children for being witches?

Mr. Kolanut responds to Mr. Ogbono, correcting some of his mistaken statements: 

Point of correction, Mr. Ogbono, “Hardship” is not the same as “Suffer”. From Lagos to U.S, I have lived and still living in hardship, but remember – there’s a level to everything, whether hardship or enjoyment. I was almost falling for some of this deceptive tactics being deployed towards the African people until I woke the fuck up. To be honest, am glad that me living in the U.S hasn’t corrupted my brain. I will live to influence our African youths, help them preserve their brain from being brainwashed, and help drive unity which the western power don’t want us to ever achieve. I’ll probably die in the process, but I’d rather die for a good cause, than live like a zombie (with brains fried like scrambled eggs). God bless Africa’s fallen soldiers.

Mr Cassava responds to Mr. Kolanut’s statement:

Mr. Kolanut, Africa can have all the worlds best resourses in the world. Africans are the ones mismanaging their resources, stealing, bribing, kidnapping, selling their souls for money. Only a few privileged are chopping…the majority are suffering and dying in poverty. So I see absolutely nothing wrong in well meaning Oyibos coming to help out. I support people like George Clooney and Bono 100%

Mr. Pepper Soup challenges Mr. Cassava’s statement above: 

So I guess you won’t see nothing wrong when Oyibos own the entire continent, while continuing to do all of the things you mention above that Afrikans are doing, and Afrikans have nothing. Just like in New Zealand, Australia, North America, Hawaii, etc, etc… where the indigenous people of the land have little to nothing or have been killed off.

Study what happened to those lands it will open your eyes to see what is now happening in Afrika with those celebrities and organizations “helping.”

Just read how Hawaii was overthrown and colonized – and who participated. If you have the same ideas after reading the official apology and acknowledgement from the US government and still have the same thoughts as you do now then I don’t know what to say about that…

Mr Cassava responds to Mr. Pepper Soup and Mr. Kolanut’s statement: 

With all due respect Mr. Pepper Soup , you and my brother Mr. Kolanut are conspiracy theorists. I have noticed over the past few months during the Occupy Nigeria crisis and now the Kony 2012 story there are 4 Kinds of Africans in relation to speaking out against atrocities being committed by fellow Africans and those that are being committed by the “Outsiders” or those who will one day take over Africa 1. You have the Africans that simply put, don’t give a f*ck. They are only concerned about their immediate family members. As long as they are okay they don’t give a damn about their fellow Africans being raped, starving , dying from poverty, homeless etc. BUT, these same Africans will weep and donate money if something goes terribly wrong in places like Haiti 2. You have the Bible Quoting Africans, the ones who preach with the mouths but whose hands are bound by fear and shame. They will talk you a hole in your head about how God will come down and fix everything BUT if given the opportunity to actually to God’s will and Step up and Help out, they will give you excuses why they can’t 3. Then you have the Conspiracy Theorists. These are intelligent folks, just a little off the mark, not fully and mentally matured but blinded by theories, rumors, gist, unproven facts, or pieces of truth mixed in with fear and conspiracy, doom and gloom, the “end of the world “, the “they are out to get us/kill us all”. Sometimes these folks can see through the fog and become allies of the next group and contribute positively to Africa’s well being. Sometimes. Then you have the Realists, the Activists, the folks who want to do everything they can to help their fellow Africans, the ones who study, research, protest, march, have fundraisers, do community service etc. These are the people who seek the facts and the truth. This is where I fit in. I can not be swayed by sentiments and conspiracy theories. The fact remains: Africans just don’t give a f*ck about other Africans and to me there is NOTHING wrong with Oyibos like George Clooney coming to help out. Do me a favor and read this story 

Mr. Pepper Soup most African countries were originally Colonized but most, if not all, have gained their independence from their white oppressive colonial masters. This way the Independent African nations can now oppress their own people without the Oyibos getting in the way. This in reference to your Hawaii story. Africa’s problem is Not the White Man. Africa’s problem is, yep, Africans.

Mr. Pepper Soup responds to Mr. Cassava’s statement above: 

You are right. Africa’s problems are Africans. But by inviting others in to solve Africans problems then you inviting them in to take over, enslave, and OWN YOU and the land.

It is only a conspiracy theory if you are not a part of it. What I speak of is conspiracy fact. I just posted a link from a resolution of the US government admitting to a conspiracy of overthrowing a sovereign people and you ignore it.

This is the blueprint to overthrow sovereign people all over the world. They tried to do it once and they are not finished yet. This is not theory this is FACT. Notice how they apologized but still haven’t turned the land back over to native Hawaiians:

“Whereas, in pursuance of the conspiracy to overthrow the Government of Hawaii, the United States Minister and the naval representatives of the United States caused armed naval forces of the United States to invade the sovereign Hawaiian nation on January 16, 1893, and to position themselves near the Hawaiian Government buildings and the Iolani Palace to intimidate Queen Liliuokalani and her Government;”

“Whereas the Eighteenth General Synod of the United Church of Christ in recognition of the denomination’s historical complicity in the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1893 directed the Office of the President of the United Church of Christ to offer a public apology to the Native Hawaiian people and to initiate the process of reconciliation between the United Church of Christ and the Native Hawaiians; and

Whereas it is proper and timely for the Congress on the occasion of the impending one hundredth anniversary of the event, to acknowledge the historic significance of the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, to express its deep regret to the Native Hawaiian people, and to support the reconciliation efforts of the State of Hawaii and the United Church of Christ with Native Hawaiians: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,”

If Africans can’t unite and help themselves and constantly need help from outsiders then they will be conquered. Fortunately, I don’t believe that will happen. 

Also there are many Africans helping Africans. That was the biggest problem with the Kony 2012 campaign, it made it seem like no one is helping. The people are waiting on westerners to save them which is false.

Project Diaspora is doing awesome things on the continent:

Also HopeNorth Uganda

There are many organizations helping that are run by Afrikans on the continent and in the diaspora. You just have to look and see.

Mr. Kolanut contributes more facts to the debate: 

The western power is very oppressive and systematic, they do not want us to solve our problems. If we resolve our problem, don’t you know their economy will crash? The U.S government could say “Ok, we are going to let the African people govern themselves without us interfering” But mind you, while they say this things Africans like to hear; they are busy poking us from underground to keep us destabilized. Then after we must have tried tried and fail, they will then come and say…do you want us to help you now? 

Am not sure if you are aware of a certain time when Gadhafi introduced the idea of doing business (oil) with the western world using gold, not paper money which has no value. That idea shakes the western power, cos that is something they don’t have/can’t afford – they wanted Gadhafi dead by all means, he was too much barrier for them. 

It is very very hard/difficult (but possible) to defeat the western power. Instead of Africa successfully achieving “true” independence, as in fixing our own problems without the the U.S govt interfering, they will rather wage war against us and attempt to forcefully take take over the continent. Brother, if I were you I will be extremely careful with supporting U.S missions in Africa, because when you inadvertently support a cause that has hidden agenda positioned to defeat the freedom which many have died for/fighting for; the consequences can go a long way. It is safer to ignore the deceptive messages being dished out to your tv, radio, or internet news media – than to help push something you have no clear understanding of. Like I mentioned earlier, this is a very very and very (3X’s) controversial matter, let us thread with caution (carefully), and not jump into conclusion. 

When the Kony2012 video hit the internet, millions of people shared/promoted it without restriction, without clear knowledge of the matter, just because it was painted with “humanitarian crisis”. I bet there are more Africans that think otherwise than you do when it comes to this matter. I’m not asking for much, all I ask is for the rest of my people to open their inner eyes. Living in the U.S may/is deterring many Africans from seeing this hidden agenda we are concerned about. I want to believe today’s discussion will make an impact on how we (you) view humanitarian assistance being offered to the African people.


This debate is quite long we had to cut it short for now, however; if you would like to read the rest of the unpublished transcript, let us know in the comment box below. Also, you may contribute your opinion about foreign aid, western imperialism or Africa in general – to this debate using the comment box below. 

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