Ghana’s President Atta Mills join evil forces with Obama, signs GMO into law

By Kevin Onuma

It is heartbreaking to learn that Ghanaian president, John Evans Atta Mills through the support of the Obama administration has officially signed Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) into law.

Evans Atta Mills and Obama (Ghana President)

Evans Atta Mills seen with Obama in Washington. Many believe president Atta Mills is Obama’s scapegoat.

Many countries have already banned the production or marketing of GMO food after seeing how deadly it is, but destructively, Ghana’s president Atta Mills has just passed a law that allows the production and marketing of this type of food to its people.

According to a U.S official Robert D. Hormats, who applauded Atta Mills for passing GMO into law under Obama’s influence, “We believe that American companies that produce high quality biotech foods and seeds will be able to sell in Ghana to meet the needs of Ghanaians.”

President Mills gave assent to the  bill on December 31, 2011 after it has been in Parliament for four years, the Ghana News Agency reported.

The Law, from the Biosafety Act, 831, 2011 is said to enable Ghana allow the application of biotechnology in food crop production involving Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to enter food production.

Just as the old saying goes: “Money is the root of all evil”, and President Evans Atta Mills signing GMO into law and inviting American biotech companies such as Monsanto to destroy Ghana’s natural and traditional agricultural system by selling genetically modified seeds (which cannot be replanted) and food produce to local farmers is a sure sign that Ghana’s president has sold the country’s agriculture to unethical American companies.

What are Genetically Modified Food(s)?

The term GM foods or GMOs (genetically-modified organisms), refers to crop plants created for human or animal consumption, of which the plants organisms has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. More about genetically modified food on Wikipedia.

Below are previous studies confirming how deadly genetically modified food crops are:
  • For instance, a study conducted some years ago showed that rats fed genetically engineered Calgene Flavr-Savr tomatoes (developed to look fresh for weeks) for 28 days got bleeding stomachs (stomach lesions) and seven died and were replaced in the study.
  • Iowa farmers reported a conception rate drop from 80% to 20% among female pigs that were fed Genetically Modified (GM) corn. Most animals also had false pregnancies, some delivered bags of water and others stopped menstruating. Male pigs were also affected as well as cows and bulls. They became sterile and all were fed GM corn.
  • Another study conducted in the mid-1990s by Australian scientists discovered that genetically modified peas generated an allergic-type inflammatory response in mice in contrast to the natural protein that had no adverse effect. Commercialization of the product was cancelled because of fear humans might have the same reaction.

Call it a conspiracy theory, but Obama was put in office for many reasons by corporate organizations running America. One of them being to use him as a tool to enter Africa (as in destabilize us), bring Africom which is currently headquartered in Germany into Africa, divide Africa, reduce Africa’s population, among others. Yes, Obama who is suppose to be a son of the soil, is actually an enemy of the soil but in disguise. Believe it or not, this is real.

Am very disappointed at president Atta Mills of Ghana signing genetically modified produce into law. If many nations around the world are banning GMO’s because of its danger to people’s health; why would any African country want to embrace and introduce such type of food to its people?

Genetically modified food is not for Africa under any circumstances – even if our population soars to 10 billion. Africa needs GMO FREE food!

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