Nigerians react to Patience Jonathan’s “There is god ooo”

This post is about Nigeria’s first hilarious 1st Lady, who is wife to the current president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan. Upon hearing or watching the first lady give a speech regarding the abducted invisibles with no identities, Nigerians online couldn’t help not reacting to Patience Jonathan’s “There is god ooo” hilarious illiterate crocodile tears in a video published by Channels TV.

patience jonathan there is god

Patience Jonathan: “There is god oo”

Without further ado and without bothering you with the many propaganda being pushed on western media and propaganda celebrities using the #BringbackourInvisiblegirls hashtag on social media, below are comments in response to Patience Jonathan’s “Dia iz god oo” remark. These are comments on Channel TV’s video titled “Chibok Girls: First Lady Breaks Down In Tears”:

“How did this uneducated fool becomes the first lady of nigeria. this shows nigeria is in a deep quagmire which will take a revolution to overcome. this world is about to end. i hope CHRIST come earlier” -MrKayzeemoschino

“Very poor leadership coming from a woman in this position this woman stated this story was a lie to bring down her husband’s goverment as a woman where is your motherly instint how do you as a woman close your eyes and go to sleep, as the wife of a president your job should be to help build strong women your only concern was your husband goverment many of us around the world are not nigerians but we have not slept do you know why we are mothers THOSE tears are tears of shame blaming everyone including the parents of those poor girl shame on you as a leader.” -BOO BOO BUBBLES

“i thought I would watch this and laugh, but this is just heartbreaking…but I do agree with her…There is God!” -Stephen Oni

“So this is the woman who holds the title ‘Her Excellency’- Of what? Excellency of what? Certainly is not of the Federal republic. The only thing she is excellent in, is embarassing the Nation and the high office she sits in. Disgraceful.  “Na only you waka come?” – In an official meeting in front of the press? Can you believe!? Please madam, go and make your husband some egusi, you have no place here. LOOL” -Denzil Williams

“Am so disappointed in this woman, she cannot even express herself OMG i can’t just believe this, the worst among the first ladies we’ve been having in Nigeria. Shame on you. This is the first Video I dislike on YouTube.” -Ibraheem Akin

“What a utterly useless cunt…these people continue living lavishly, and have made little effort to secure the safety of those abducted girls. Your faux display of emotion does the help the girls, their families and friends who are truly distraught and despaired. I find this video very offensive.” -StoicRounin

“Abuja, being a city full of diplomats, should have companies that teach people diplomatic protocol and how first ladies behave, and so on. Goodluck should have registered his wife for a course in one when he was still VP. It is scandalous that Mrs. Jonathan rushes forward to walk alongside her husband and foreign leaders. Her numerous faux pas and blunders are a disgrace.  But then, look at the country she represents.
Meanwhile, it would be a good idea for Jonatahn to simply tell Nigreians that the government cannot solve the Boko Haram problem. If America, with its wealth, competence, transparency and examplary morality strrugles against terrorists, it ought to be obvious that Nigerian can’t handle the problem. Already, military officers are becoming wealthy through the funds allocated for fighting Boko Haram.” -Edruezzi

“This illiterate person should have an Igbo language to English language translator appear beside them at all times when speaking in public as the first lady of Nigeria. In that way she can express herself accurately in Igbo and have her words conveyed to the public in intelligible English. Nigeria can not afford to have this horrible embarrassment added to its already considerable ignominious global image.
But what, does it matter? Nigeria has been ruled by imbeciles and idiots for the past 50 years, and will continue to be ruled by future generations of the same until it collapses.” -Ade Kolade

“Not only this woman is an idiot. the husband too and her advisers are the biggest fools for letting her hold such a confrence.1 but believe me., i have seen women like her, they re lazy, and and not intelligent.., and believe me too., you cant update them because they re not interested. and wont want to listen to you because she has given up! but when it comes to lying and stealing money and manipulating and boasting they re always alive! the solution will be to keep her away from spoiling our nations Image.. but why dont our president know this. But thats one of such peoples charachter again.. you cant keep her away from making public statements..she wont listen to you. Am sure! she knows she is not intelligent, and she wont let you tell her she is not.” -Onyejekwe Chinyere

“The problem I have with this lady is not so much the English grammar that we know she has a problem with. This is no big deal, as English is not her language.My main problem I have with her is insincerity, and lack of substance in what she says. It is obvious that the tears she is sending in this video are crocodile tears. Her main concern is the image of her husband – that in spite of all the evidence, her husband is still doing well. It is one thing to support your husband, it is another to do it like a moron.
She carries herself around so much as if she is the president, and give directives as she feels like. Apparently, she has even set up a committee to investigate the abduction. Is this not a job of the president? All committee members will be paid handsomely, to me this is just another job for her cronies. She seems to talk too much, without thinking about the impact of what she says. Her main argument judging by what she initially said was that it is the fault of the government of that state that the girls were kidnapped, which in many ways is true. At one stage, she even said there were no missing girls. She forgets that the government of her husband is responsible for the security of the whole country, irrespective of the behaviour of the governor of any particular state. What a waste of space this person is!” -Supo Orimogunje

“Nonsense of the situation is what I see. Madam, never you come on air again. Bloody disgrace!” -Collins Opara

“First Lady: “Did you come with two teashers…two teashers?”
Principal: “No”
First Lady: “okay continue. No problem….Dia ris God!”
“Dia ris God in everything we are doing. Those bloods that are sharing in Borno will answer”
“What of two teashers…WAYEC…two teashers? that can tell us they conducted that ezam, did you come with any?”
“You we are not inform too eh eh .
Principal: “No Ma”
First Lady: “Prispal? No too? Na only you waka come? okay!”Continue God will see us!..”
“Now the ferst lady is calling you… I want to hep you. Come to find ya missing pa..miss….missing shild….will you keep quiat? Chei! Chei! Dia ris God oooo! Dia ris God oooooo! Dia ris of God ooooo!!”
…………..End of Script………
Executive Producer & Lead Actress – Dame Peshe

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