Photos of Sirte After The NATO Bombing in Libya

Residents of Muammar Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte are struggling to come to terms with the destruction and humiliation of their city, a former fishing village which once had aspirations to be the “capital of Africa”.

During an eight-week siege, much of Sirte was reduced to rubble by NATO and US-backed rebels. Photos of Libya destruction below:

“We never expected such destruction,” said a resident who gave his name as Abu Abdul-Rahman, pointing to his bullet-riddled television and broken furniture. “Is this what they call a revolution? We chose to flee instead of fighting and still they destroyed our homes.”

He added: “They treated us like animals who didn’t deserve to be protected.”

Many in Sirte resent the soldiers of Libya’s new leaders, who they blame for Gaddafi’s humiliating capture and death last week and for what they say was the deliberate destruction of the city.

“We lived with Gaddafi for 42 years. He never attacked our houses with his army,” said another Sirte resident, sitting in his damaged house. “Muammar lived and died like a man,” he added, Gaddafi’s green flag still hoisted atop his house.

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