5 Breaking News From Africa For The 1st Week of June 2012

As the first week of June 2012 comes to an end, InformAfrica looked around the world wide web for controversial and breaking news coming out of Africa that Africans and friends of Africa would be interested to read. Below are five breaking news for the first week of June 2012.

Africa breaking news1. The first breaking news comes from Ghana 

On Saturday June 2nd, a cargo plane crashed near an airport in the Ghanaian capital Accra, hitting a bus outside a stadium, killing at least 10 people, but the crew survived.

The Allied Air cargo plane skidded off the runway at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra Saturday evening and ran into a 207 Benz bus on a nearby road, shredded the bus and its passengers into pieces.

The plane crashed through metal railings and a concrete wall at the airport before sweeping the commercial bus off the 37 Military Hospital – Burma Camp road at the El Wak Stadium and ended up at the Hajj Village.

May the lives lost in the fatal crash rest in perfect peace. (More on the story here). 

2. The second biggest breaking news this week comes from Nigeria

Just few hours after the Ghana plane crash on Saturday evening, a passenger plane known as Dana Air flight, carrying 153 people crashed in Nigeria’s largest city-Lagos, killing all passengers on-board.

A Nigerian citizen by the name of Richard, said he was watching a film when he heard a loud explosion that sounded like a bomb. He rushed outside and saw massive smoke and flames rising from the crash site around 3:45pm Sunday June 3rd.

At the crash site, an Associated Press reporter saw parts of the plane’s seat signs scattered around. Firefighters tried to put out the smoldering flames of a jet engine and carried at least one corpse from the building that continued to crumble.

Lagos’ international airport is a major hub for West Africa and saw 2.3 million passengers pass through it in 2009, according to the most recent statistics provided by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria. (More on the story here).

3. The third breaking news this week comes from South Africa

On June 4th, South Africa’s Daily Voice reported that a 42-year-old mother from the Western Cape of South Africa was raped by her 19 year old son, stabbing his own father.

The A South African mom was sleeping with her husband in their Villiersdorp home on Saturday night when her 19-year-old son kicked their bedroom door open. The terrified parents say the young man viciously stabbed his father before dragging his mother out of bed to the bushes. There she claims her own flesh and blood raped her repeatedly. (More on the story here).

“I wish he could just die without me knowing,” the South Africa woman said.
4. The fourth breaking news this week comes from Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, a Bulawayo man married and conceived 3 children with his own daughter after divorcing his wife for unknown reasons.

After the divorced wife by the name Phiri (a Malawian) was dislodged from her marital bed by her own biological daughter, she packed her bags and went back to her native country, Malawi. Phiri’s husband and her daughter then lived harmoniously as husband and wife from 1992 to 15 May 2012 when he died of cancer at the age of 78. (More on the story here).

5. The fifth breaking news comes from Nigeria

A 10-year old Nigerian girl who was a victim of sexual abuse made a shocking confession this week, saying that she cannot do without having sex with men daily.

She narrated how an old man, who was their neighbour at Mile 12, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, lured her into sex at seven and since then she cannot resist having sex everyday.

The primary two pupil said if she did not see any man to have sex with her in her area, she would go to a popular under bridge at Mile 12 Lagos and beg for sex from touts. (More on the story on Linda Ikeji’s blog

In conclusion, the five breaking news from Africa discussed above have drawn many attentions and commentaries worldwide, especially from Africans living in diaspora. The most disastrous event from this week’s breaking news is the plane crash in Nigeria that claimed over 200 lives. Followed by the Allied Air plane crash in Ghana which killed 10 people on the ground.

Looking at this weeks breaking news from Africa compiled by InformAfrica, which would you say is the biggest or saddest breaking news of all? The Nigerian plane crash? Or the 10 year old sex addict? Tell us what you think! 

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