Ghanaian in London kills wife, commits suicide afterwards

The Ghanaian community in London is reeling from shock following the news of a domestic-murder-suicide on Monday 21 May 2012. The news received from reliable sources is that the late Mr Kenneth Kwaku Asante, a 48 year old construction worker, brutally murdered his 46 year old lovely wife, Naomi Asante (nee Sackey) and committed suicide at their home in Tottenham. They were a relatively successful couple living in a street property in Tottenham, North London. (InformAfrica)

We understand that the couple had a three-year history of domestic violence. Mr. Asante was extremely hard-working and had managed to bring over his wife from Ghana many years ago. She was due to commence studies for a Masters’ Degree in Psychology. They had lived in the UK for over 20 years. We further understand that they are both from Gyekiti in the Akwamu area.

On that fateful day, some of their neighbours heard some commotion going on, however did not call the police. Nobody knows how long they argued and why he decided to kill her. The authorities found implements such as an axe, various knives and acid at the crime scene.

The question is that could these deaths have been prevented? What is going on within the Ghanaian community in London? We assume they are a close-knit community, often socialising at events such as funerals, weddings and parties together. Perhaps it is time to examine the relationships that we have as a community. We are extremely hospitable to strangers, yet rather insular in our approach to each other abroad. (InformAfrica)

Reports reaching us state that Bishop Kwaku Frimpong-Manson of Reconciliation International, Tottenham is currently providing invaluable support and assistance to the grieving children, Roland, aged 20 and his sister, aged 15, who are now orphans.

On Monday 28 May 2012, a vigil was held in their memory, attended by friends and sympathisers of the children. May their departed souls rest in peace.

If you are reading this and have lost all hope or have come to the end of your tether or know someone who is experiencing domestic violence, kindly contact WAJU in Ghana or Women’s Aid in the UK for help, assistance and counselling. You will find several resources at this website:

We all need to consider how we handle stress, our coping strategies, counselling services and support groups. We also need a dedicated helpline where people can provide confidential support and practical advice or just a listening ear for people facing domestic violence.


Bishop Frimpong-Manson Samanhyia can be contacted via facebook Or Nana Dr. Kusi Appiah Osraman III – Reconciliation International, Tel: -0044 208 801 7774

By Nana Kusi-Appiah

Culled from Ghana Web

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