Ghanaian Pastor Impregnates 3 Church Members

A London-based Ghanaian pastor has found himself treading in deep waters with her majesty’s law after getting 3 members of his church pregnant at the same time. Pastor Kwaku Antwi-kusi Junior 31, who has already fathered 2 children with a different church member is thought to have had sexual relations with almost every female members of his church and now hes reaping what he sowed.

Pastor Kwaku Antwi-kusi Junior released an album “Bless The Lord” in 2009 and decided that this was a “call from god” to do his work, he established a church and called it Family Praise Ministries. He might have taken the term “family” too literally. Yes a church is a place for all of God’s children and we are one big family but his actions are far from appropriate.

More news reaching us makes this an even more sticky situation. It turns out Pastor Kwaku is married to another church member. This was apparently kept secret from the other members of the congregation. We can only speculate what his intentions were.

The church has since been closed down. Pastor Kwaku has since absconded leaving all these unanswered questions and pregnant women behind.

This calls to question the integrity of many pastors and so called men of God. Just recently we heard the comment Duncan Williams made about his wealth. If this is the lives they live how do they lead the congregation.

Below is a Gospel Song by the Scandalous pastor:



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