In Kenya, pastor divorces wife for using bleaching cream to attract him

By Kemoi Ngenoh

Kenya’s Standard Media reports a story about a youthful pastor in the Londiani region who divorced his week-old wife after discovering that she had used bleaching chemicals on her face, arms and legs to attract him.

Kenyan pastor divorce wife for bleaching skin


The youthful woman is said to have joined the church in mid 2011 when she moved into the town. Her melodic voice, good looks and light complexion gave her a direct ticket to lead the choir with the pastor’s nod, Standard Media reports.

However, within no time, the man of God was smitten. Most times, she would remain behind long after her fellow choir members had left.

“Tulijua lazima kuna kitu (we knew something was cooking),” one choir member said.

True to their suspicions, banns were announced and the two tied the knot last month in a well-attended church ceremony. But as happens, her true ‘colors’ emerged barely a fortnight after their short-lived marriage.

According to the pastor, the two courted for seven months, but nothing happened between them because both are staunch Christians.

Her dressing, however, raised eyebrows even among fellow choir members and other age mates. She always wore long dresses and tops that covered her neck and wrists, unlike young women who like flaunting their assets.

But her dressing enchanted the clergyman until they got married. He was pertubed that his wife would spend more than one hour in the kitchen long after super. She would be busy cleaning utensils and arranging and re-arranging them elaborately instead of heading to their matrimonial bed.

When she was through, she would hover in the sitting room writing hymns and reading religious stuff. In essence, she was just buying time and waiting for her husband to start snoring before creeping into the bed.

“For the first week, I thought she was shy and still adjusting to marriage life because we were yet to consummate our marriage,” the pastor explained.

In the mornings, she had set her mobile phone alarm for as early as 4am to embark on her busy ‘routine’ before her husband, who slept before her, woke up.

But one night, he went to bed before her as usual but he was troubled so sleep evaded him.

Thinking that the husband was fast asleep, she went to the bedroom and undressed.

But before she could sneak into bed, her husband, who was fully awake, switched on the light to surprise her. To his shock, his ‘light-complexioned’ wife was dark in complexion, except for her face, part of her arms and legs.

“You bleached your face? Is this why you are always wearing long dresses?” the shocked pastor asked.

Dumbfounded, with the beads of sweat trickling down her face, she tried to apologise and explain to the pastor that it was a mistake she regretted. But the man of God would have none of it. He wanted her out of his house first thing in the morning, he said.

“I liked her light complexion from the word go, so I married her as companion and to bear me beautiful children. I never knew she was a pretender. I don’t want to see her again,” the clergyman told relatives who tried to convince him to take her back.

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Credit: StandardMedia Kenya

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