In Nigeria, Husband Taps Wife’s Phone, Wants Divorce

A 43-year-old Nigerian man, Mr Peter Ekundayo, on Tuesday asked a Grade ‘A’ Customary Court, Ojo, Lagos, to dissolve his marriage after confirming his wife’s adulterous act by tapping her phone.

“When I became suspicious of Funmi, my wife, I decided to activate call monitoring on my wife’s phone through the help of a computer expert.

“Due to the call monitoring I activated, whenever my wife got an incoming call, mine would vibrate and then I just click to listen to her conversations on my phone.

“What I discovered almost made me take my life,” Ekundayo said.

The petitioner, who resides at Ajoke Bodunde Street, Ojo-Igbede, Lagos, has been married to Funmi for two years.

Ekundayo said his wife’s attitude changed since she got a job as sales representative in a fast food outfit located at Iyana-Isashi area of Lagos.

“My wife’s attitude has become intolerable for me; she is always bent on denying me my right of sexual intercourse with her. As soon as my wife got that job, I noticed that I no longer had any influence on her. Even sexual matters in our marriage gradually became a thing of the past,” he said.

The petitioner said that he became suspicious of her activities especially as she usually crept out of bed at night to receive calls, which initially she never did.

Ekundayo said that he was shocked on one occasion when he heard his wife’s telephone conversation with their neighbour whom she was allegedly sleeping with.

“During the conversation on phone, Funmi and that my neighbour both agreed to meet at a hotel around Afromedia, near Iyana-Isashi, after she closed from work.

“I deliberately did go out of the house that evening so as to monitor when Funmi will return from work. She returned from work that day at about 10 p.m. and claimed that a truck had fallen on the road which caused much traffic. I almost took my life when I realised the shameful acts of my wife in the short time we have been married,” Ekundayo said.

He said that he wanted a divorce because he was still young and did not want to die from any illness associated Funmi’s alleged sexual immorality.

Funmi declined to make any comment in response to the allegation levelled against her by the petitioner.

After listening to both parties in the divorce suit, the Court President, Alhaji Toyin Said, urged them to first “pursue an amicable settlement”.

He asked the estranged couple to try to settle their differences and report any progress to the court.

He adjourned the case till May 22.


Source: NAN

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