Nana Gichuru Accident Pictures that claimed her Life on the Spot — Death is a horrible experience, it is in fact the end of life experiences. The breaking news of Kenyan Actress Nana Gichuru’s death has been a shocking experience for most of her fans, friends, family and colleagues. Here are the accident pictures that claimed Nana Gichuru’s life on the spot.

Nana Gichuru accident picture - lorry

Nana Gichuru accident picture, head-on collision with a parked Lorry.

The actress whose full name is Kanana Gichuru, was according to Nairobi Traffic Commandant overtaking another vehicle on a climbing lane when she collided head-on with the trailer. “The car plunged right under the trailer and she died on the spot. Her body was badly damaged,” Mr Mwamburi said of the accident that happened at 10.10am on Sept. 22nd.

Nana Gichuru accident picture with a parked trailer

Nana Gichuru accident picture with parked trailer in Utawala, Eastern Bybass.

It is not yet clear whether the 28 year old woman was rushing to work, but Mr Mwamburi said she had been driving her car at a high speed.

The deceased was employee of an airline, an actress, photographer a singer and blogger. After her death, several fans tweeted about the news, with several of them describing her as ‘full of life’.

Nana Gichuru accident picture - Utawala Eastern Bybass

Nana Gichuru accident picture, head-on collision with a parked Lorry at Utawala, Eastern Bybass

A post about death that she shared ten says ago on her Facebook account was shared widely on social media, with several people questioning whether she had premonition about her death.

“Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘HOLY CRAP!!!! WHAT A RIIIDEE…!. To lace, red lips and oversized headphones and this amazing ride!,” she wrote and attached a picture to the post.

Nana Gichuru accident picture with a construction truck

Nana Gichuru accident picture with parked truck in Utawala, Eastern Bybass.

From InformAfrica, God bless her soul.

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