Nollywood celebrities used to promote the Ebola market

Ebola: What we are not being told about the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, is revealed on InformAfrica

InformAfrica brings to your attention, how Nollywood celebrities are being used to promote the Ebola market, which includes the #StopEbola campaign organized by the Future Awards Africa with an illusion to galvanize 1 million young Africans to donate social media updates and a minimum of $25 USD to the United Nations Ebola Response Fund. Meanwhile, UN’s sister organization (WHO) has licensed and carrying out lethal trials of Ebola vaccines on unaware rural Africans — vaccines that contain a chimpanzee-derived adenovirus and a vesicular stomatitis virus with Ebola virus gene inserted.

Ebola lies, what we are not being told

Ebola: InformAfrica reveals what we are not being told about the Ebola outbreak in west Africa

Here are the facts on Ebola:

Some diseases occur naturally, and some are man-made. If you’ve never heard of man-made diseases; what have you been doing?

Why do we (Africans) only know one side of the story, when it comes to Ebola? What have you (we) been watching / reading?

There are different sides to every story. Unfortunately, Nollywood celebs are being sold one side of the story; now they are helping to promote the ebola market – asking their fans to make $25usd donations to fight ebola, among other ebola agendas. These are the same organizations who invented and patented a new strain of the ebola virus, and intend to profit from it—heavily.

Now they are beginning to roll out licensed and commercialized versions of ebola vaccines. One has a chimpanzee-derived adenovirus vector with an Ebola virus gene inserted in it. The other vaccine has an attenuated or weakened vesicular stomatitis virus, a pathogen found in livestock; in which one of its genes has been replaced with Ebola virus gene. This are information obtained from the official website of World Health Organization (WHO).

If you’ve been watching some news (TV) on ebola, you should pay attention to when the pharma agencies say their vaccines has not been tested on humans yet. So, why are they taking untested and unsafe vaccines to Africa? Why don’t they test it on themselves first and let’s see the effect, before bringing it to Africa to test on us? Fellow Africans, what have we been thinking all this while? They’ve been experimenting on unaware Africans, and continue to do so – due to our ignorance.

A report on GlobalResearch, titled – “West Africa: What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone?” – revealed a biowarfare agenda in the areas affected by the Ebola outbreak in west Africa.

[NB: Biowarfare “biological warfare” is the use of disease-producing microorganisms, toxic biological products, or organic biocides to cause death or injury to humans, animals, or plants.”]

Mainstream media CNN, BBC, etc., are only telling us one side of the ebola story, what about the other sides? Aren’t we suppose to know?

West Africa: What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone? —Global Research

“This is a call for an immediate, thorough, and independent investigation of Tulane University researchers and their Fort Detrick associates in the US biowarfare research community, who have been operating in West Africa during the past several years.

What exactly have they been doing?

Exactly what diagnostic tests have they been performing on citizens of Sierra Leone?

Why do we have reports that the government of Sierra Leone has recently told Tulane researchers to stop this testing?

Have Tulane researchers and their associates attempted any experimental treatments (e.g., injecting monoclonal antibodies) using citizens of the region? If so, what adverse events have occurred?

The research program, occurring in Sierra Leone, the Republic of Guinea, and Liberia—said to be the epicenter of the 2014 Ebola outbreak—has the announced purpose, among others, of detecting the future use of fever-viruses as bioweapons.

Is this purely defensive research? Or as we have seen in the past, is this research being covertly used to develop offensive bioweapons?

For the last several years, researchers from Tulane University have been active in the African areas where Ebola is said to have broken out in 2014.



Humanitarianism is a new form of imperialism – Ebola Outbreak” -InformAfrica

Humanitarianism is one of the new forms of imperialism. They depend on our ignorance to carry out their systematic agendas. How far have we woken up? Fellow Africans ?? The following information exposes the hidden agenda behind the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

Information on World Health Organization (WHO) website titled “WHO consultation on Ebola vaccines”, published October 1st last month, disclosed that:

“Two candidate ebola vaccines have clinical-grade vials available for phase 1 pre-licensure clinical trials, and are beginning to license and test the two candidate Ebola vaccines in Africa.”

Ebola vaccine (cAd3-ZEBOV) has been developed by GlaxoSmithKline in collaboration with the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. It uses a chimpanzee-derived adenovirus vector with an Ebola virus gene inserted.

[NB: Adenoviruses are a group of viruses that infects the membranes (tissue linings) of the respiratory tract, eyes, intestines, and urinary tract. This are the same symptoms those infected with ebola in west Africa—exhibits. Can you see the obvious?]

The second ebola vaccine (rVSV-ZEBOV) was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada in Winnipeg. The license for commercialization of the Canadian vaccine is held by an American company, the NewLink Genetics, located in Ames, Iowa. The vaccine uses an attenuated or weakened vesicular stomatitis virus, a pathogen found in livestock; one of its genes has been replaced by an Ebola virus gene.

[NB: Stomatitis is a virus that causes sore and inflammation in the mouth. This can be in the cheeks, gums, inside of the lips, palate, or on the tongue. It disrupts a person’s ability to eat, talk, and sleep.]

A chimpanzee-derived adenovirus vector with an Ebola virus gene. And, an attenuated or weakened vesicular stomatitis virus from livestock that has been replaced with an Ebola virus gene. All of this is what they are injecting into the bloodstreams of unaware rural Africans as vaccine medicine?

If you are told a vaccine contain all the deadly aforementioned viruses, will you allow anyone inject such into your bloodstream? In the name of protection? Protection to kill slowly? No! But those being injected and reportedly dying from the virus vaccine are not being told.

They depend on our ignorance to carry out their systematic and diabolic agendas, depopulating the African people under the mask of “help”.


The illusive fight against ebola is no different from the illusive fight against cancer, an industry that is worth over $100 billion USD. In 2012, the reported spending on cancer treatment alone was $124.6 billion USD . Not to forget the HIV industry, which is raking in about $15 billion USD for the biopharmaceutical industry. These industries continue to grow year after year, yet no real cure [?]

The pharmaceutical industry won’t be profitable if people aren’t getting sick enough, so a pandemic such as the ebola virus, is very profitable for the pharmaceutical industries, whose agencies are now trooping into Africa in droves, along with US military forces.

Always seek alternative news on Ebola not covered by mainstream media, and other factors affecting the African people and continent.

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