South African mom in police custody for child neglect

InformAfrica – Local news reports coming from Africa today is that of a South African woman who was arrested in Soweto for neglecting her four children.

South African mom held for child neglect

Word For The Day: Fellow Africans, continue to be your neighbour’s keeper.

According to reports by South African Press Association (SAPA), a woman was arrested in Soweto on Wednesday for leaving her four children unattended, police said.

A South African Police officer in a statement, said a neighbour saw the children of the accused playing naked outside their shack in the cold on Tuesday afternoon.

When the concerned neighbour found a hot plate inside the house, she immediately alerted the police.

Due to this, a social worker was assigned to take the children – aged eight, four, two and one-and-a-half, to a place of safety, the police officer, Kay Makhubele said.

However, the woman who neglected her children was later found at her boyfriend’s place on Wednesday morning, according to reports.

The woman was summoned to appear in the Protea Magistrate’s Court on Thursday on charge of child neglect.

Now let’s discuss this event on InformAfrica:

First, what is child neglect really about?

Child neglect is said to be the failure to provide basic physical health care, supervision, nutrition, emotional nurturing, education or safe housing. Society generally believes there are necessary behaviors a caregiver must provide a child in order for the child to develop (physically, socially, and emotionally).

Child Neglect In Africa

Low income living increases the likelihood of child neglect, according to western statistics, but that is necessarily not the case in African homes. Majority of the people in Africa are low to mid income earners and child neglect is hardly ever an issue.

Unlike in most western countries, Africans living on the continent are their brothers keepers. In the sense that, the parents of a child can be temporarily taken care of by a neighbour; while the mother or father of the child go for short or long errands.

However, in the case of the South African mom that left her children unattended, to spend the night at her boyfriend’s house – if true, she needs counselling, and the father to her children is as guilty as the woman. Further more, the neighbour who called the police to report a child neglect incident, ought to have taken the children into her home temporarily (as if they were his/hers). This is a domestic issue that could be easily resolved without the police or social services involvement.

Fellow Africans, continue to be your neighbour’s keeper.

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