US. Deports Rwandan Woman Condemned of Genocide

The head of the Genocide Fugitive Tracking Unit, Jean Bosco Siboyintore disclosed that Mukeshimana deportation from USA to Rwanda is a success to the Rwandan Justice.

“Now Mukeshimana is in 1930 Kigali Prison,”Siboyintore confirmed Siboyintore.

“We have been following Mukeshimana. She flew out of the country in 2005 aware that Gacaca would start. In December 2009 Gacaca court in Mwurire located in Mbazi sector in Huye district sentenced her to 19 years of imprisonment,”, said Siboyintore.

The U.S. immigration officials had earlier reported that they have deported a convicted human rights violator from Michigan to Rwanda to serve a 19-year prison sentence for murder during 1994 Tutsi Genocide.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said in a release that 43-year-old Marie Claire Mukeshimana was returned to the Rwanda on Wednesday. U.S. authorities turned her over to the Rwandan National Police in Kigali.

The Associated Press reports that authorities say Mukeshimana took a child from a school in 1994 and her actions resulted in the child’s death during the Rwandan genocide. Officials say she was sentenced in 2009 then fled.

An arrest warrant issued by Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts, which have jurisdiction over genocide related trials, indicated that during the 1994 genocide, Marie Claire Mukeshimana, 43, acting with a purpose to murder, removed a child from a school in Save, Rwanda, and that her actions resulted in the death of the child. Mukeshimana was sentenced in 2009 before fleeing the country.

Mukeshimana was removed to Rwanda on a government charter flight. She arrived in Kigali, Rwanda, on Dec. 21. Upon arrival in Kigali, ICE ERO agents turned Mukeshimana over to the custody of the Rwandan National Police.

Mukeshimana attempted to enter the United States last year on a travel visa but was denied entry. She was placed in removal proceedings and has remained in ICE custody since then.

Story by Magnifique Migisha, a Journalist from Rwanda, East Africa.

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