Africa: New sustainable mining conference announced in Brazil


The Planet Earth Institute (PEI), the permanent legacy of the ‘UN International Year of Planet Earth’, has announced a major conference to focus on sustainable and responsible mining in developing nations, to be held in October 2011.

Lord Paul Boateng, British High Commissioner to South Africa and Mr. Alvaro Sobrinho, Chairman of the PEI and President of BES Angola. A host of high-profile British figures met the PEI executive team.

The conference, entitled ‘Mining and Corporate Social Responsibility’, will be held São Paulo, in partnership with Latin American and African Governments, United Nations institutions and corporate partners.

The October conference follows on from the first successful Sustainable Mining Africa Round Table (SMART) held in Luanda, in November last year. The SMART series recognises the prominence – and huge economic value – of exploration and mineral extraction in developing nations, and the increasing need for open and constructive dialogue.

The Planet Earth Institute, using their networks in Brazil and Angola, are convening this conference by working with the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Angolan Ministry of Geology, Mines and Industry. The conference will be divided into three ‘open conversation’ workshops, focusing on the public sector, the private sector and a wider session for all interested parties, including leading figures from academia.

A number of the Planet Earth Institute’s existing corporate partners, including the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) and the Brazilian Mining Association IBRAM (Instituto Brasileiro de Mineração) will attend to provide a strong industry voices and help promote constructive, workable solutions.

The collected recommendations will be formally submitted to the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, to be held in June 2012, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ms. Leonor Sa Machado, CEO of the Planet Earth Institute, said:

“The SMART series is about bringing all those involved – Governments, corporations and international institutions – together in one place to determine the way forward for sustainable mining.

“Mining and earth resource exploration represents a huge economic opportunity for developing nations, but we must make sure the emphasis always remains on sustainable, long-term development and growth.

“This conference is the perfect example of our commitment to the concept of ‘Global-South’ collaboration, promoting alliances between the Global South but involving all others able to make a valuable contribution.”



-The Planet Earth Institute was created in late 2009 as the permanent legacy of the United Nations ‘International Year of the Planet Earth’.

– They have permanent offices in Angola, London, São Paulo and Lisbon, with projects across Africa and Latin America.

– To date, core projects have been:

  •  The construction of a Centre of Excellence for Africa to promote teaching and research in Applied Sciences throughout Africa
  •  The organisation of the first ever SMART roundtable (Sustainable Mining Africa Roundtable) to promote open dialogue between business and Government in Africa (more information)
  •  The development of three ‘Rio + 20’ Roundtables, between Scientific, Governmental and corporate partners to establish bold, science-led approaches to key issues, including water security, loss of biodiversity and the destruction of ecosystems.

For further information, contact:

James Knight, Maitland Political – or 07791 541409

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