East African Countries Studying Oil Pipeline

The five-nation East African Community is considering plans to build an oil product pipeline from Uganda to Rwanda and Burundi to improve regional energy security.

A top official in Kenya’s energy ministry, Patrick Nyoike, said the trade bloc has obtained a $600,000 grant from the African Development Bank for a feasibility study.

Nyoike said the proposed pipeline would carry petroleum products from a planned refinery in Uganda and an existing refinery in Mombasa, Kenya, as well as international markets.

Uganda is expected to begin oil production next year, following the discovery of huge deposits in and around Lake Albert.

Nyoike also said the EAC has just completed a study on a proposed natural gas pipeline from Tanzania to Mombasa. The EAC estimates natural gas reserves in Tanzania at 7.5 trillion cubic feet.

The Kenyan official said diversified sources will prevent the region from being too reliant on one type of energy.