Nigerian Churches annual revenue is ₦3 Trillion naira ($18.4billion USD)?

Fellow Africans, if Nigerian Churches truly make an annual revenue of 3 Trillion naira ($18.4billion USD), isn't it a good money-making business for Africans to explore?

Composed by Kevin Onuma for InformAfrica

InformAfrica — Could it be possible? That the total annual revenue Nigerian churches earn is estimated at over ₦3 trillion naira? That is huge! And a huge business opportunity to explore for those interested in starting a Nigerian Church business.

Picture of a Nigerian church

Here’s a picture of people at a Nigerian church.
If the number of people estimated here including children, are 700, and at least 500 adults contributes ₦1000 naira during church offering, the pastor and their clergies take home ₦500,000 every Sunday alone. They can even double that amount by organizing 2 separate offerings or two Sunday church services.

According to reports gathered by InformAfrica this 2014 year, a former national coordinator of the Redeemed Christian of God in Germany (Pastor Bosun Emmanuel) revealed that the annual revenue of all the churches in Nigeria is in excess of ₦3 trillion naira (over $18billion USD). This means the income of churches in Nigeria is not far off from Nigeria’s 2014 annual budget which is around ₦4.69 trillion naira.

  • Question: Isn’t it even funny or ironic that a Nigerian Pastor knows how much money churches in Nigeria make annually? Meanwhile, those giving out the money (church goers) know nothing!

If one starts a church business that pulls just 1% out of the total estimated revenue, that is about $184million USD in revenue for just one church in a year.

Nigeria population as of 2014, is estimated at 177 million, population growth rate is 2.47%, 30.5% are in the 25-54 age bracket. The 25-54 age range is the one to target, and is the 2nd largest age group in Nigeria after those within the age of 0-14 years which is 43.2%. The population of Nigerian Christians is estimated at 40% which is about 70 million. (source: IndexMundi)

With a population of over 170 million, where an estimated 70 million is christian — the money making opportunities in church business should not be overlooked, and is a huge contributor to Nigeria’s economy.

Unfortunately, church businesses only financially favors those in the receiving end (Pastors & Clergies), not those in the giving end (Church goers & Followers). -Kevin Onuma

The InformAfrica team is not yet sure how the annual revenue of Nigerian Churches was compiled or gathered by Pastor Bosun Emmanuel, but it would be interesting to know how much money Nigerian churches in the country make annually, and how much Nigerian churches abroad make annually.

This way, Africans on the continent who have a thing or gift for preaching or ministering, can explore opportunities in their local area, and make money for God. While Africans abroad can explore church business opportunities in the diaspora community they reside in.

If you could speak at a conference, workshop, or congregation to inform or lecture people about a particular topic, product or service, and get paid for it; would you do the same for a church congregation and get paid handsomely using the power of your God (as a Pastor/Minister)? Apart from preaching, there are many other well-paying duties or task in the forming of a Church business, including as an investor.

The goal would be to make money teaching about beliefs, and it is a known fact churches that preach prosperity in Nigeria, make the most money or are one of the most successful ones, and are well-known.

Let’s take a brief look at how much money one could potentially make by starting a church business in Nigeria….

Example: If the number of people in a typical Nigerian Sunday church including children, is 700, and at least 500 working adults contributes an average of ₦1000 naira during church offering, the pastor and their clergies take home ₦500,000 every Sunday alone, times that by 52 weeks — that is ₦26million in a year. If the church business doubles that amount by organizing 2 separate offerings or hold two Sunday church services, that would be ₦52 million a year.

₦1000 naira for church offering on Sunday is even a small estimate, many members conveniently give over ₦5000 naira in church offerings during Sunday sermons. In this case, a 500-700 member church can be raking in over ₦130,000,000 million naira every year. As the church grows and expands opening different branches in different well-populated communities, that church is sure to make a billion naira ($6.1 million usd) every year.

With the increase use of bank and credit cards as a convenient means of payment in Nigeria and Africa, many Nigerian churches are now reportedly charging tithes to the credit cards of church members who prefer not to carry cash. Isn’t God wonderful? A money God!

Dia ris god ooo: Bishop David Oyedepo private jets

Dia ris god ooo: Photo of Bishop David Oyedepo flying in private jets while church members use leg wagon to commute daily, and even slapping young girls in church in the name of God.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on starting a successful church business in Nigeria or African diaspora communities in the US, UK, Canada, etc; feel free to share yours using the comment form below.

I would rather start my own church business instead of enriching any man of god with my hard-earned money. Or, invest in a church business for a percentage of ownership and a realistic ROI right here on planet Earth! -Kevin Onuma

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