The Black Stars of Ghana – Art District (Press Release)


SHOWCASE and Bureau Africa have just released their newest production, a series of film interviews with prominent Ghanaian contemporary visual artists. The video project is launched under the title The Black Stars of Ghana – Art District and comprises a series of documented conversations with a group of prominent and some upcoming contemporary visual artists in Ghana including Prof. Ablade Glover, Kofi Setordji, Wiz Kudowor, Marigold Akufo-Addo, Larry Otoo, Gabriel Eklou, Samuel Kane Kwei, Kwadwo Ani, Kobina Nyarko, Ndugu, Alfred Mensah, and more.

The Black Stars of Ghana - Art District (Press Release)

The Black Stars of Ghana – Art District (Press Release)

This interview project is part of Showcase’s initiative to feature exciting contemporary art from regions of the world which are too often disregarded when Eurocentric art professionals are debating and deciding among themselves about who is who and claim and believe that their debate is equivalent to the global discourse on art. As a result of the Eurocentric dominance in setting the standards and defining the criteria of what kind of contemporary art has to be considered as relevant, relatively little real attention is given to artists from regions of the world that are not located in Europe or Northern America. Where is Africa on this “global” stage? Where are Latin America and Southern Asia?

In order to change this imbalance in the composition of what is called the “international art scene” the production and curatorial platform SHOWCASE together with Bureau Africa is launching “The Black Stars of Ghana – Art District”, a series of videos that aim to let viewers experience the depth, vibrancy, beauty, vision and diversity of contemporary art produced on the African continent.

In a first season each episode will present a different contemporary visual artist from Ghana, the first stop on a tour across the African continent. A new episode will be broadcast every Monday; the season will start with the episode about Wiz Kudowor next Monday, August 19th, 2013. All episodes will simultaneously be broadcast on This Is Africa and on Bureau Africa TV’s Youtube Channel.

Read the interview on “This Is Africa”:

Speaking about the reasons for choosing Ghana as the first country on SHOWCASE’s tour through the African countries, filmmaker Safia Dickersbach explained:

“Contemporary art in Ghana rests upon a rich history of artistic tradition reaching back hundreds of years into the past. The classical art tradition of the Ghanaian historic kingdoms of the Ashanti (who are a part of the Akan people), the Ewe and other tribes still influences modern artistic expression without preventing today’s artists from exploring both established and uniquely personal styles of contemporary art production. Ancient symbols like the Adinkra symbols and special crafts like the Kente weaving tradition and the making of glass beads or the carving of wood still exert a strong influence on the design and aesthetics of the contemporary art and culture in Ghana. By making use of this rich ancestral heritage on the one hand, while creating art in an independent personal style on the other, present-day Ghanaian art has established a regional reputation that goes far beyond its home country and has moved the contemporary artists in Ghana out of the shadow of the global art scene.”

From The Black Stars of Ghana, a new series of video conversations with Ghana’s leading contemporary visual artists.


This is a Press Release regarding ‘The Black Stars of Ghana – Art District‘.

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