EME’s All-Star Album ‘Empire Mates State of Mind’ on Spinlet

InformAfrica – The debut all-star album from EME was released exclusively last week (June 18th) on Spinlet, and is made available for two weeks on the musical platform.

EME's All-Star Album 'Empire Mates State of Mind' Debuts.

EME’s All-Star Album ‘Empire Mates State of Mind’ Debuts on Spinlet.

In support of this superstar soaked album, Spinlet, Africa’s premier digital distribution platform, will give away 100,000 copies to Spinlet subscribers. The album titled ‘Empire Mates State of Mind,’ features appearances by some the hottest artists and tracks to come out of Nigeria this year.

Putting together the 22 track album took almost an entire year, gathering hits from EME artists such as Banky W, Wizkid, Skales, Niyola, Shaydee, DJ Exclusive. The album also features friends of EME such as XO Senavoe from Ghana, Rotimi from the US, and skits by comedian Basketmouth. ‘Empire Mates State of Mind’ was produced by Banky W and some of Nigeria’s best production talents.

The album was released online exclusively on Spinlet on Monday, June 18. “Spinlet is proud to be the exclusive online provider of EME’s all-star album, given the significance of the album. The album showcases the amount of high level talent we have in Nigeria. This is also a landmark event as we hope to change the way music is released and sold in Nigeria, and across Africa. We are dedicated to working with independent artists and labels in Africa to monetize their works and accurately track sales.

The release of the album also coincides with a shift in Spinlet’s model. In addition to being the preferred source of local and international music for Africa, Spinlet is also seeking to become the number #1 source where people outside Africa go to discover African music,” says Eric Idiahi, Spinlet Chairman.

Banky W who supervised the production of the album, said, ‘We’re very proud of the EME album. We took our time to put together a fantastic blend of our talents as a collective, while also showcasing what each artist is able to do individually. It felt like the right time to drop this record; each artist is bringing his/her A-game, and the production quality is out of this world. There’s something for everybody, songs to dance to, songs to listen to, songs that make you think. We’re very excited about being able to share this with our fans worldwide on Spinlet and we hope that we’ve been able to live up to and/or surpass their expectations of us. Our work is done. All that remains is for y’all to sit back, relax and press play.”

Download Spinlet now at: Spinlet.com.

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