Mama G plays police officer in new Nigerian movie “3G”

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A new photo report confirms Patience Ozokwo, a popular Nollywood actress, to play a lead role as a police officer in a new Nigerian movie titled “3G”, Nigeria Movie Network reports the story.

Mama G plays police officer in 3G new Nigerian movie

Mama G plays police officer in a new Nigerian movie “3G”.

According to Nigeria Movie Network, one of Nollywood’s most loved actress, Patience Ozokwor, aka Mama G is back at it again. This time, Mama G plays a police officer in a new Nigerian movie called “3G”.

Patience Ozokwo, who has featured in about 1,000 films, made her debut into Nollywood in 1998 when she acted in the movie “Sins of the father” where she acted in just two scenes. Today the story is different as she plays the lead role in most Nollywood movies she features.

Mama G movies, Patience Ozokwor in police officer uniform: 3G

Patience Ozokwor is frequently regarded by fans, as one of the best Nollywood actresses for a mother role.

Popularly known as Mama G, the versatile actress got the name from a Nollywood home video titled “Old Skool”, with the “G” meaning “General”.

According to NollywoodGossip, Patience Ozokwo just finished shooting the Nigerian movie “3G” in Owerri, Imo State, and she played a super role of a Nigerian police General.

Hope you can’t wait to watch the hilarious movie? And do you think Mama G plays the role of police woman officer best in Nollywood?


Source: Nigeria Movie Network

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