Nigeria’s Movie Industry: Commentary on African (“Nollywood”) films

Nigeria’s booming film industry, Nollywood, is boosting intra-regional tourism and travel in Africa, according to Euromonitor’s 2012 World Travel Market Global Trends Report. -InformAfrica

In order to inform Africans about issues regarding Nollywood, which is Nigeria’s film industry; Nigeria Movie Network (NMN) submits constructive criticism on African (“Nollywood”) films – written by a member on its platform.

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Commentary on African (“Nollywood”) films by M.K Logan

After India’s Bollywood, Nollywood is the second largest film industry globally in terms of the number of films released. With over 2,000 releases annually, Nollywood beats Hollywood in volume terms.

The continent of Africa has too many issues/problems for one to be concerned with what has been lately dubbed “Nollywood” movies. But if we are going to tell our own stories (which is a very laudable endeavor), let us do it in a way that goes beyond showcasing mansions and big cars on the one hand, and Africa of Tarzan movies on the other.

The stories, in terms of plot, theme, and setting, need “refinement,” given the history of representation of the continent by Euro-American writers and filmmakers; but my concern here is the acoustic quality that makes these movies substandard: more often than not, the background music, noise, and sound effects are louder than the dialogue.

Taking into consideration the enormous output in this industry, as well as my interest in issues of representation, I, as an educator and teacher of African literature, would personally like to appeal to the editors and those in the business to pay attention to this technicality.

It’s without a doubt that these movies have come of age, if one considers what obtained in the early days of the industry. They provided and still provide an alternative (a different angle to the African story) to renowned and professional African films by artists such as Ousmane Sembène.

One could actually teach a course on African films and include these Nollywood movies, without compromising the objective of the course; but how does one discuss a film when all we hear is loud background noise and music that drown the dialogue?

Please turn it down! It’s not rocket science. I hope you take these comments as constructive criticism.


By M.K. Logan via Nigeria’s movie network (NMN) 

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  1. Jannet Marcucci May 6, 2013 at 7:33 am

    The major business centers of film making are in the United States, India, Nigeria and Hong Kong. In Europe France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany are the countries that lead movie production.*.

    With kind thoughts


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