Nollywood: Emem Isong’s Rise To Stardom

Emem Isong is a leading female filmmaker and the founder of Royal Arts Academy.

(“Nigeria Movie Network“) — For Emem Isong, writing scripts and producing movies is the core of film production. She has been doing these for over a decade, with recognitions from both home and abroad. She equally made some Nollywood stars that have become part of the most sought after in the industry today.

Segun Adebayo, in this transcript, takes a look at the rise to stardom of Emem Isong, who dumped Banking for movie production.

NOT many female producers and scriptwriters in the movie industry come close to Emem when it comes to movie production. She has used her beauty and poise to endear herself into the hearts of many film lovers. She is no doubt, a film maker with a distinct. To her, the passion she had when she was in school studying Theatre Arts was influential to the height she has attained so far as a movie producer cum script writer.

Since she broke into the industry in 1994, Emem has written and produced over 25 movies, some of which have left praises on the lips of her ever increasing fans, both home and abroad. Emem’s movies have brought her to an enviable position among her contemporaries. Her movies have, for many years, won her awards both nationally and internationally. She has written scripts that got many scampering for her productions.

Few weeks ago, Emem marked her 15th year anniversary celebration, an event that had the big wigs in the movie industry in attendance. They came in large numbers to shower encomiums on her for her continued role in taking the industry to another level.

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