Pregnant Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson to deliver baby in USA

Nollywood News: Pregnant Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has flown to Maryland USA for safe delivery of her first child, Nigeria Movie Network is reporting.

Mercy Johnson pregnant - Pregnant Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson.

Even with her pregnancy, Mercy Johnson looks simple, elegant and radiant.

According to Nigeria Movie Network (NMN): New photos of pregnant Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, is once again making rounds on the internet. It came at a time when fans are highly anticipated over the safe delivery of her first child.

Pregnant actress Mercy Johnson as seen in this photos, was spotted with her rapidly-growing baby bump – this time in a dashing beautiful blue dress.

The Nollywood actress and hubby Prince Odianosen are currently in Maryland, USA, where she will be delivering their first child. Those living in the state of Maryland USA and would like to pay MJ a visit, we’d reach out to her personal assistant for information on visitations – either before or after safe delivery.

Pregnant Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson in Maryland USA

Pregnant Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, in Maryland USA for safe delivery of her first child.

Mercy Johnson Biography (In Brief)

Mercy Johnson-Okojie, popularly known as Mercy Johnson, is a Nigerian actress who made her acting debut in the Nigerian movie, “The Maid” in which she played the role of a possessed house help. Her magnificent performance in the movie shot her into limelight and has so far acted in many other major movies ever since.

Mercy Johnson, who is a native of Okene in Kogi state, is from a family of seven children. The Nollywood actress, who is also Nollywood fans favorite, has appeared in over 80 movies and counting.

The popular Nollywood actress have been honored with multiple awards, including the 2009 African Film Award for best supporting actress.

To learn more about Mercy Johnson’s pregnancy and her highly anticipated safe delivery, read the full story here: Pregnant Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, to deliver in Maryland USA


Source: Nigeria Movie Network

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