SPIRAL, African-diaspora movie by Nigerian filmmaker Vivian Nappier

InformAfrica – Watch SPIRAL, an African-diaspora movie about interracial couple (Nigerian and American) having a hard time in their relationship in a western society. Starring Faith Imafidon, Adrian Nunez, Kyle Queenan, and Grace Wilson.

Spiral Indie movie watch online for free

Watch SPIRAL, an Indie movie online about interracial relationship in diaspora America.

SPIRAL revolves around the life of Dora (Faith Imafidon) and Owen (Adrian Nunez) and their inability to move forward in their relationship. With the economy crisis befalling them, they are both forced to do odd jobs that threaten their lives and commitment to one another.

Dora, played by Faith Imafidon, is a Nigerian-American living with her American boyfriend Owen, played by Adrian Nunez.  Watch the full movie to discover which direction their interracial relationship went, if for better or for worse, as they live their daily lives struggling to make ends meet.

SPIRAL is an Indie film written, directed, and produced by US-based Nigerian film-maker Vivian Nappier; a 2012 NAFCA awards nominee.

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