Stolen, a Nollywood-USA movie by Robert Peters

Stolen is a new Nollywood-USA movie about love, hope, faith, forgiveness, endurance, and patience; produced by Robert Peters.

By Kevin Onuma

InformAfrica – When you hear the movie title “Stolen , it gives an impression that this is not an average Nollywood movie with a fairly constructed storyline. The new Nollywood-USA movie, Stolen,  has a unique storyline of its own and was filmed in the U.S.

Stolen by Robert Peters, a NollywoodUSA movie

Stolen, a film by Robert Peters, is a classic drama shot in the U.S.

Stolen,  a film about love, hope, faith, forgiveness, endurance, and patience –  is a must watch. The picture quality of the movie is great and is of industry standard; making it one of the few professionally produced Nollywood movies that gives viewers exactly what they need in terms of visual: great picture quality.

A little hint about the movie – Stolen, which involves a lady named Laura, married to David Okonto.

David is your typical African man. When an African man gets married, the woman should be able to give him a child. Unfortunately, Laura is unable to conceive. She has suffered four miscarriages. Finally Laura succeeds in convincing David to hire a surrogate mom. They hire a young lady named Gia.

However, Gia (the surrogate mom) and David disappeared with the baby soon as she was delivered. The baby is named”Destiny”. This dramatic incident threw Laura in total devastation – Her chance to hold a baby in her arms is stolen. Laura eventually became closer to their family lawyer, who assisted her in investigating the disappearance of her daughter to-be.

The movie Stolen features both Nollywood and Hollywood acts like Tony Umez, Robert Peters, Sana Kanu, Soleil Diva, Andy Koehler, Elechi Wordu, Divine Shaw, Sudana Showalter, Bridget John, Lady Dagashi, Greggory Erwin and many others.

Robert Peters, a U.S based Nollywood director is the man behind the success of Stolen, which is released under Whitestone Studios in Atlanta, and marketed in diaspora America and beyond. The movie Stolen, is a new approach to the way African film is done in the USA.

Below is a preview of the movie STOLEN:

Few photos taken during the shoot of the movie, Stolen
Andy Koehler from Tyler Perry's Pilot in Stolen Nollywood-USA movie

Andy Koehler (Is also playing Tyler Perry’s pilot in his new upcoming film Madea Witness Protection) and Soleil Diva.

Tony Umez, Soleil Diva, and Sana Kanu

Tony Umez, Soleil Diva, and Sana Kanu going through their movie scripts.

About Robert Peters

Robert Peters is an African actor turned filmmaker, and have experienced different faces of productions: movie, stage and TV.

On his biography info page, the director mentioned that his biggest motivation is the fact that as a filmmaker he has the rare privilege of being one of those who  documents the present for the future generation through documentaries, movies, TV show e.t.c. Website:

Stolen is a must-watch Nollywood-USA movie.

Video credit: FaceSup / Photos by GoldenIcons


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