Top 5 African Movies to watch on Nigeria Movie Network (Traditional)

InformAfrica – Top 5 African movies to watch on Nigeria’s Movie Network (NMN) is being discussed on InformAfrica and they are films with a traditional and royal theme. You can also refer the list below as Top 5 Nigerian movies.

Top African Movies with a Traditional and Royal theme.

Top African Movies with a Traditional and Royal theme.

You see, the love for African movies continue to grow at an impressive rate, not only on the African continent but also in diaspora countries such as the US and the UK where millions of Africans are residing. Without further ado, below are the top 5 African movies that are showing for free on Nigeria Movie Network, among several thousands of films on the Nollywood platform.

1. Throne of Glory African Movie – It stars Nollywood actors Kenneth Okonkwo, Chika Ike, Ben Nwosu, Walter Anga, Joyce Kalu, among others. The African movie tells the story of a king’s desperate battle to keep the crown in his family line. King Nneji does everything he possibly can to make sure he gets what he wants. The movie has a sequel and it’s titled ‘The Agony of a Prince‘.

2. Princess My Love African Movie – This movie runs from Part 1 thru 4, so make sure you have enough leisure time before watching the traditional film. This movie tells the story of a King of  an African kingdom suffering from a terminal illness that has defied medical knowledge. There are men that are ruling him out and plan to take his title from him due to the sickness which they consider an abomination. It is a rumor that the King’s only hope is a tree that will provide healing for this rare condition. Visit Nigeria Movie Network to read the rest of the storyline and to watch the full Nollywood movie.

3. Princess Lodge African Movie – This one depicts a mistake from the past that came to haunt a king of a land and his daughters when they least expected such. A devil in disguised; only a genius could expose her. Starring Nollywood actors like Olu Jacobs, Yul Edochie, Halima Abubakar, Chizzy Alichi, Princess Egu, among others.

4. Royal Deal African Movie – It tells the evil deals of someone by the name Malcome, who wants to insight the youth in the society just to take away the throne from the king. Is he going to succeed in this abominable act? Starring Mercy Johnson, Olu Jacobs, Eddie Nartey, Leo Mezie, Clem Ohameze, etc. It’s an interesting Nigerian royal movie to watch.

5. Heart Of A King African Movie – This is another top Nollywood movie to watch on NMN, which tells the story of Ejike and Princess Adaora who are deeply in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together but Jeffery is also in the picture. Ejike is a common palace guard while Jeffery comes from a respectful family. This is just a brief summary, visit the website to read the rest. Starring Mercy Johnson, Kenneth Okonkwo, Walter Anga, Ruth Kadiri, Bishop Imen Umoh, etc.

In conclusion, if you prefer to watch African movies that tells African stories and by the African people, then the traditional movies above are some of the movies you should watch. This movies were chosen according to their popularity on Nigeria Movie Network (NMN) and on the web.

What do you think of the Top 5 African Movies discussed in this post?

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