Top 7 Nollywood Movies To Watch (New Releases)

By Kevin Onuma for Nigeria Movie Network

‘Top 7 Nollywood movies to watch’ is being discussed on InformAfrica. The seven movies mentioned below are already garnering global recognition, awards, and are relatively new. The Nollywood of today is being redefined.

Top 7 Nollywood Movies To Watch (New Releases)

Nigeria Movie Network recommends the following “Top 7 Nollywood Movies To Watch”.

The Top 7 Nollywood films cited in this article were chosen based on some of the following factors: the strength of the story, quality of production, awards received, Nollywood actors involved, and video statistics of each movie trailer on Nigeria Movie Network (NMN).

On NMN’s Top Nollywood Video List; we discovered that movies like Ije – The Journey, Tango With Me, Bursting Out, Busted Life, Anchor Baby, and a few others are often sought after by Nollywood fans – considering the high views of each movie trailer watched on the platform.

But let’s face it, considering the advanced technology used in movie production today; Nollywood is taking a leap forward to compete with the global western market such as Hollywood — using state of the art technology to depict storylines like never before done in Nollywood. Based on this contributing factors, the “top 7 Nollywood movies to watch” discussed here are somewhat new releases that have made or making waves in cinemas.

1. IJE – The Journey (The truth has many sides)

IJE the Journey movie DVD release

IJE – The Journey tells the story of two sisters with unbreakable bonds of loyalty and the power of the human spirit.

IJE – The Journey tells the story of two sisters with unbreakable bonds of loyalty and the power of the human spirit.

When Anya, the eldest of the two, vows to chase her dreams of glamour in the Hollywood Hills, her younger sister—Chioma—warns of her of the dark side of the American Dream. Now, years later, and in a world away from the life she knew, Anya is charged with the murder of three men, one of them her powerful husband. Chioma travels to her sister’s side to battle not only a flawed justice system with the aid of a young and disillusioned attorney, but the very notion of “truth” as the cultural values of two worlds collide.

Weaving a melodic and beautiful score through rich visuals in Los Angeles and flashbacks on location in Nigeria, IJE captures the viewer from the very first scene and delivers a powerful message through the moving conclusion. Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola J. Ekeinde, Odalys Garcia, Ulrich Que, and Clement Ohaneze.

Ije – The Journey has to date, won more than 14 movie awards worldwide and is recipient of several nominations for other awards.

Though the movie first hit cinemas in 2010, IJE The Journey DVD is expected to hit stores very soon – sometime this 2012 year, so be on the look out for IJE DVD if you are looking to grab a copy.  The award winning movie was directed by Chineze Anyaene of Xandria Productions, the first student film producer in the history of the New York Film Academy to shoot a feature film on 35mm.

Xandria Productions is a world class media company specializing in the areas of production, acquisition, marketing and distribution of theatrical motion pictures within Nigeria.

Watch IJE – The Journey Official Trailer here: IJE: The Journey – By Chineze Anyaene.



2. Tango With Me

Tango with me Nollywood movie

Tango With Me, a Nigerian fillm, is #2 on our Top 7 Nollywood Movies To Watch.

Tango with me, a Nollywood movie, tells the story of two couples Lola (Genevieve Nnaji) and Uzo (Benjamin Joseph), whom where living a perfect marriage life until their happiest moments became the worst. This event lead the couple on a journey of self discovery.

According to the movie producers, “Tango With Me” is a contemporary story about forgiveness about some of our core values as a people and our faith. A story that proves that above all, Love does indeed, conquer all.

“Tango With Me” stars Genevieve Nnaji, Joseph Benjamin, Joke Silva, Kate Henshaw-Nuttall, Bimbo Akintola and author, Ahmed Yerima. The movie was directed by Mahmood Ali-Balogun.

The directors behind Tango With Me could do a little better by providing prospects a well-informed synopsis about the film.

Watch the official trailer here: Tango With Me (Nollywood Movie) 



3. Bursting Out

Bursting Out Nollywood movie

Bursting Out, a Nigerian movie, is #3 on our Top 7 Nollywood Movies To Watch.

In the Nollywood movie “Bursting Out“, Genevieve Nnaji plays Zara Williams, a hard nosed workaholic who is always single because she is too busy for love.

Her friends are determined to find her a man and set her up with a guy played by Desmond Elliot, a self centred arrogant bore who they deceive her into having dinner with. After this failed attempted she swears herself off dating men her friends set her up with however ends up turning to them in desperation after needed a date for a work Valentines Ball. She goes to the ball with Tony, played by Majid Michel but everything is not what it appears to be.

Bursting Out‘ is directed by Desmond Elliot and Daniel Ademinokan. Produced by Emem Isong’s Royal Arts Academy. Starring top Nollywood acts like Genevieve Nnaji, Desmond Elliot, Nse Ikpe Etim, Majid Michel, Omoni Oboli, Susan Peters, etc.

Watch the official trailer here: Bursting Out (Nollywood Movie) 


4. Busted Life

Busted Life Nollywood movie

Busted Life, a Nollywood-USA film, is #4 on our Top 7 Nollywood Movies To Watch.

Busted Life is a highly tensed drama based on the true life story of two immigrants from Nigeria living together in America in search for better life. Starring Uzor, (Ramsey Noauh, winner of best Actor at the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2010) and Femi, (Chet Anekwe from the Hollywood movie PHAT GIRLZ).

In this thrilling movie, Femi’s lifestyle of greed, lust for women and betrayal takes center stage of his friendship with Uzor and the bond of brotherhood was broken.

While Femi is apprehended by the authorities and sent to jail for some time, Uzor finds himself unemployed and frustrated and is kicked out of the house by his wife. Uzor takes refuge in the arms of an African American lady named Lisa. She introduces him to her drug cartel and he becomes a part of the family. Soon Uzor rises to become the Don.

Uzor’s unfinished business with Femi resurfaces when their paths cross again in a drug deal. This time all caution thrown to the wind and all hell is let loose.

The movie stars Ramsey Nouah, Chet Anekwe, Chuck Kendall, Emmanuel Mensah. Special appearances by: Pascal Atuma, Princess Pursia, Bianka Johnson, Prince Augustine. Busted Life is directed by Bayo Akinfemi.

Watch the official trailer here: Busted Life (Chima Movie Empire Production) 


5. The Figurine (Araromire) 

The Figurine (Araromire), Nollywood movie

The Figurine (Araromire), is #5 on our Top 7 Nollywood Movies To Watch! (

The Figurine (Araromire) is a multi-cultural and contemporary film highlighting essence and efficacy of tradition, friendship, betrayal, and love. It transcends both the ancient and the modern day.

In the movie, two friends, while serving their NYSC,  find a mystical sculpture in an abandoned shrine in the forest, and one of them decides to take the artwork home. Unknown to them, the sculpture is from the Yoruba goddess Araromire which bestows seven years of good luck on anyone who encounters it, and after the seven years have expired, seven years of bad luck follow. The lives of the two friends begin to change for good, as they become successful and wealthy businessmen. However, after seven years things start to change for bad.

According to Wikipedia, The Figurine is a 2009 Nigerian thriller film written by Kemi Adesoye and produced & directed by Kunle Afolayan who also stars in the film as one of the main protagonists. The film received 10 nominations and won 5 awards at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2010, including the awards for Best Picture, Heart of Africa, AMAA Achievement in Cinematography and AMAA Achievement in Visual Effect.

The movie stars Ramsey Nouah, Kunle Afolayan, Omoni Oboli, Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi, Jide Kosoko, Wale Adebayo, and Muraina Oyelami.

Watch the official trailer here: The FIGURINE ‘araromire’, film by Kunle Afolayan. 


6. The Return of Jenifa

The Return of Jenifa, Nollywood-Yoruba movie

The Return of Jenifa (TROJ), is #6 on our Top 7 Nollywood Movies To Watch! (

‘The Return of Jenifa’, the highly successful sequel to the 2009 blockbuster Jenifa movie, resolves the suspense that enveloped Jenifa’s exploits, according to 360Nobs. She registered to participate in a dancing competition but when asked to undergo an HIV test as requirement for the competition, Jenifa fled unsure of her status. There is a blatant silence as to the repercussion of Jenifa’s excesses, especially her HIV status.

Afraid of her status Jenifa becomes her own antagonist by being evasive. She withdrew from the society she once ruled and relocated back to her village.

She does not stop being her crazy self while in the village but in the end, she learns life is not all about being a ‘Gbogbo Bigs Girls’.

The movie, which was shot in locations within and outside the country, features both music and movie stars. Prominent among them are Eldee the Don, Banky W, Denrele, Antar Laniyan, Iyabo Ojo, Ireti Osayemi, Helen Paul, the late comedian CD John, Omawumi, Yinka Quadri and many others.

The Return of Jenifa (TROJ) which has been enjoying rave reviews since it hit cinemas, was produced by Funke Akindele-Oloyede and directed by Muhydeen .S. Ayinde.

Watch the official trailer here: The Return of Jenifa 


7. Anchor Baby (An illegal immigrant story)

Anchor Baby Nigerian movie

Anchor Baby, is #7 on our Top 7 Nollywood Movies To Watch! (

The Nollywood-USA movie, Anchor Baby, tells the story of an illegal immigrant couple from Nigeria:  Pregnant Joyce (Omoni Oboli) and Paul Unanga (Sam Sarpong) are on the run from the United States immigration, desperately hoping that Joyce will give birth in the US, so their child can become an American citizen. Anchor Baby is an emotionally charged tale that will leave you guessing all through the end.

According to Wikipedia, a married Nigerian couple, Joyce and Paul Unanga, living undocumented in the United States, has been ordered to leave the country by U.S. immigration. They decide that they will leave, but only after Joyce, who is five months pregnant, delivers her baby in the United States to guarantee automatic U.S. citizenship for their child. Thusly ignoring the deportation order, the couple goes into hiding.

When Paul is caught and deported, leaving Joyce to fend for herself, she struggles on her own to survive. Bureaucracy keeps getting in the way of Joyce achieving her goal and just as she is about to give up hope, she meets Susan, a married freelance writer who offers to help in the form of safe, free accommodation until the baby is born. With the help of her newfound friend, Joyce sets out to make the ‘American Dream’ come true for her unborn child.

Anchor Baby movie is an illegal immigrants story that stars Omoni Oboli, Sam Sarpong, Terri Oliver and a group of other international cast from Canada and United States. A film written and directed by a Nigerian, Lonzo Nzekwe.

Watch the official trailer here: Anchor Baby (Nollywood Movie) 


In conclusion, the top 7 Nollywood movies discussed on InformAfrica are redefining the Nollywood of today. The creation of this movies usually involves higher budget spending, risks, great stories, and creative decisions that renders Hollywood quality images from an African perspective. The future is bright for Nollywood. Fans are encouraged to keep on watching and supporting Nollywood filmmakers, actors, and websites promoting Nollywood.

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    THE MIRROR BOY – won more awards (26) than any other Nollywood film ever including 26 other nominations. Broke Genevieve Nnaji to international attention though her winning Best Breakthrough Performance at Monaco Film Festival. First Nollywood film to premiere at the prestigious Empire Leicester Square. Biggest ever premiere for a Nollywood film (1330). First Nollywood film to receive UK nationwide theatrical release via Odeon. Highest opening weekend gross for an African film in the UK. Highest grossing Nollywood film ever released in UK and Ghana. Only Nollywood film to become No.1 grossing film (including Hollywood titles) across W. Africa (in its 3rd week of release in Nigeria). Won the director Sun Creative Person of the Year Award 2011. Only Nollywood film to be subtitled into French & German as specifically requested by The French Institute and Goethe Institute respectively. Profiled twice on CNN as the future of Nollywood.

    Need we say more.


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