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As you may already know, Nollywood boasts the best African movies on the continent, and for those looking for where to watch Free Nigerian Movies Online, Nigeria Movie Network has provided the following article:

If where to watch free Nigerian movies online and Nollywood full movies is what you’re looking for, Nigeria Movie Network (NMN) makes it easy for you to enjoy hundreds of FREE Nigerian Nollywood movies online on our movie platform; anytime, anywhere.

Watch Free Nigerian Movies Online - Nollywood Full Movies
Watch Free Nigerian Movies Online – Nollywood Full Movies

At Nigeria Movie Network you will find several Nollywood full movies from your favorite Nollywood actors and actresses. You can always make use of the search bar at the top right corner of our site to search for a particular Nigerian movie of your choice. A place to watch free Nigerian movies online full movies have never been this better. Free Nollywood movies 2012 online are also available on NMN.

It is important to note that we strive to continue serving the thousands of Nollywood fans on Nigeria Movie Network (NMN) by making our platform user-friendly, easy to navigate, and encourage reviewing the Nollywood movies you watch to better improve film-making in Nollywood. As a registered NMN member, you can add Nigerian movies you love to your favorite list. So, signup today – it’s FREE!

What Free Nigerian Nollywood Movies Can I watch Today? 

If you’d like us to recommend few Nigerian Nollywood movies you can watch online FREE today on Nigeria Movie Network (a website to watch free Nigerian movies), we are pleased to do just that. Below, we have hand-picked 5 very interesting FREE Nigerian Nollywood movies you can watch today on our plat form. They are:

1. Boy George Nigerian movie – Starring Nkem Owoh (Osuofia), Mercy Johnson, Olu Jacobs, and McSmith Ochendo.
Boy George tells the story of Alicia, the daughter of the King, search for true love came to an end when she met Boy George (Nkem Owoh). But his ulterior motive was to dupe her off her father’s wealth. He succeeded in his first quest by marrying her, but will his other plans fall in place just the way he has planned.

Watch Mercy Johnson Nigerian movies online

2. Dumebi The Dirty Girl Nigerian movie – Starring Mercy Johnson, Kenneth Okonkwo, Nuella Njubuigbo, Solomon Akiyesi, among other Nigerian actors.

Award winning Actress Mercy Johnson add more sparks to her creativity as she plays the role of a nonchalant village girl who is sent out from her house to locate the father of her child, a financial consultant and a masters degree holder (Kenneth Okonkwo) in the city: Her first flaw starts when she ignorantly forgets her baby in the cab.Her experience in the city as a dirty girl turns her life and that of her fiancée around.

3. My Cash Adventure Nigerian movie – Starring Nkem Owoh, Yvonne Nelson, Juliet Ibrahim, McSmith Ochendo, among other Nollywood acts.

The adventure of a young woman who steals money in the city and runs back to the village. The same man she stole his money is in love with her, the police detective who investigates the case is equally in love with her, the village nuisance who knows her whereabouts in the village is also in love with her.

4. Festival Of Faith Nigerian Nollywood movie – Starring Mike Ezuruonye, Chika Ike, Chita Agwu, Florence Owanta, Ruby Ojiako, Agbaeze Ogba, among other Nollywood faces. Watch the full Nollywood movie online today.

Festival Of Faith Nigerian movie tells the story of a highly respected man of God finds himself lusting for a beautiful girl. How long before he realizes the danger ahead.

This is very long Nollywood movie that runs from Part 1 thru 4, so make sure you dedicate a whole night to watch them all, one after the other.

5. Haunted Shadows Nigerian Nollywood movie – Starring Yul Edochie, Chika Ike, Van Vicker, Olu Jacobs, Rita Arum, Jibola Dabo. Watch the full Nollywood movie online today.

Money is the root of all evils, yet everyone vehemently goes after it…The rich and the poor…Does the love for money surpass the love for another human being especially someone close to your heart…

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