Activist Andrew Young on Mugabe and Land reform In Zimbabwe

InformAfrica – Activist Andrew Young on Mugabe and Land reform In Zimbabwe. Mugabe is not hurting Zimbabwe, the US and British embargo is hurting Zimbabwe, says Andrew Young.

Former United States UN ambassador and civil rights activist Andrew Young on land reform in Zimbabwe, how the US and UK reneged on their obligations to finance land purchase.

His assessment that ‘there isn’t enough land in South Africa for it to be redistributed’ needs to be taken with a grain of salt though. If 87% of the people could be crammed onto 10% of the land, the reversal is not only inevitable, but it is right. Land redistribution is essential for the future of South Africa, economically, socially and to provide food security.

Most of South Africa’s problems today stem from the continuation of the racist economy that was created under apartheid and colonialism before that.

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2 Responses to Activist Andrew Young on Mugabe and Land reform In Zimbabwe

  1. Ivor Payne April 26, 2013 at 3:38 am

    For anyone familiar with Zimbabwe politics this address by Young appears steeped in both appalling ignorance and cynical misinformation. To suggest that the violence was alcohol inspired rather than part of a campaign of brutal repression is patent claptrap, to suggest that Zimbabwe is under a Cuba-style embargo utter rubbish. The few and only whites who retain land of any appreciable size in Zimbabwe (let alone the fictitious acreages mentioned by Young) long ago threw in their lot with Mugabe and subside his regime. To suggest that Mugabe is not the problem when his policies have reduced the poor to conditions of utter misery, resulted in the massacre of an estimated 20 000 people from an ethnic group different to that of his own and more recently, in 2005, according to UN estimates, 700 000 people Mugabe considered politically undesirable were displaced after their homes were demolished. In 2008 500 people were killed, 500K displaced and scores of women gang raped so that Mugabe could “win” an election. In the same year 100 000 people were infected with cholera and 4000 died of the disease due to Mugabe’s failed polices. This is the person with whom the US wants to re-engage? But the US never seems to have had a problem with dictators..if they and Thatcher could cosy up to Pol pot, a tin pot like Mugabe should not be a problem…

  2. john woodford October 30, 2019 at 6:49 pm

    Bravo to you Ivor Payne. Young’s nonsense is being spread like ideological small pox rubbed into Indian blankets.


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