How To Use Free Energy Magnet Motor for Fan (Video Tutorials)

Can an African invent a machine using free magnetic energy? Certainly! calls on all Africans to be more intellectual and uniting in order to solve many of Africa's problems. Nevertheless, considerable research and development is occurring worldwide on the potentials of free magnetic machines.

InformAfrica – This video tutorial shows Africans and the likes how to use free energy magnetic motor to power a fan without electricity. The magnetic motor works on the principal that magnetism can be used to create a continuous motion machine. In other words, magnetic properties can create a movement that continues endlessly.

Video Tutorial: FREE Energy Magnet Motor 

Some people mistakenly believe that a magnetic motor is the same as a regular motor or generator that uses a magnetic force to electrical energy into mechanical energy. In truth, they are two very different things. Unlike the regular motor, the free energy magnetic motor creates movement without any form of electrical energy or movement needed to keep it running. Therefore, it is sometimes referred to as a motionless electromagnetic generator. (Information source: Yahoo Voices! ¹) 

What is a Magnetic Motor?

A magnetic motor is a theoretical device capable of continuously converting the force of magnetic field into mechanical energy, often creating a torque. Under normal conditions the degradation of permanent magnets is very slow (on the order of approximately one percentage point every 10 years) and magnetic motor is thus sometimes considered to be a perpetual motion device. (Information source: Wikipedia ²)

Magnet motor free energy - Howard Johnson Magnet Motor 1980

Here’s a photo depicting Howard Johnson’s 1980 Magnetic Motor.
An African can definitely do better than this if we truly put our minds into it. This is why freedom from mental and religious slavery is highly imperative in order for Africans to tap into their full potentials!

Free Energy for Africans on the continent

Consider the potential uses of a motor that runs forever. It could be used in any situation that already uses a motor. Consider the impact on the construction industry, the transportation industry, agriculture, manufacturing and many more.

The most impressive use, however, would be the potential to utilize this permanent motion machine in power stations and transform it into electrical energy.

What would this mean for the consumer? It means that suddenly, we would have as much free energy as we needed. This in turn, would have far reaching implications for the current energy and power producers.

The impact would be so great that many people maintain that research into free energy magnetic machines is being blocked and suppressed by those who have much to lose by its development.Whether or not there is such a conspiracy is something for the individual to decide for himself or herself. (Information source: Yahoo Voices! ¹)

Overcoming Equilibrium

As everyone understands, magnets have a property that allows them to attract or repel metal objects that come within their magnetic range. However, this movement is temporary and sooner or later it will cease. A condition known as magnetic equilibrium has occurred.

The challenge in creating a free energy magnetic machine is to prevent the machine from reaching magnetic equilibrium. If this condition does not occur, the movement continues indefinitely and permanently. (Information source: Yahoo Voices! ¹

Fellow potential African inventors, would you like to learn more about past inventions using magnetic motors? And use that as a guide towards inventing something even better for the African people? If so, see the resources below (be intellectual at all times):

Free Energy: Howard Johnson MAGNET MOTOR [Complete – Scientific: 
Howard JOHNSON Magnet Motor
Permanent magnet motor (Google Patents)



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