Video: In Saudi Arabia, Muslim Arabs torture and beat Ethiopians to death

InformAfrica – Here is a video showing Muslim Arabs in Saudi Arabia torturing and beating Ethiopians to death in the streets after forcing them out of their homes. Where is the love for Africans in the Arab world? Global Africans, beware.

VIDEO: Ethiopian man in Saudi being stabbed with knife, men and women being chased 

As at the time of publishing this video, we are not yet sure what could have sparked up this evil act against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia. However, if anyone happens to have any African relatives living in the Arabian country, it would be wise to inform them of the dangers they are bound to face by not leaving the Islamic country.

This type of violence, whether religious or racial, against the African people anywhere in the world; is not acceptable and true African leaders and human rights activists must proactively do something to prevent such evil act from becoming the light of the day.

P.S: The video was made public via YouTube on the 12th of November 2013.

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