Nigerian Pastors, prosperity preaching and fake miracles

InformAfrica – Here’s an awareness video we discovered about Nigerian pastors, their prosperity preaching scheme and fake miracles performed on church members – many of who work for the same church. How can our people be so mentally enslaved beyond reasoning? Watch and comment.

“Nigeria’s Millionaire Preachers” with Seyi Rhodes

“Journalist Seyi Rhodes of Channel 4’s “Unreported World” reports on the illusive claims of prosperity preaching and the fabulous lifestyles of wealthy preachers in Nigeria.”

It’s high time Nigerians open their inner eyes, free their minds and start thinking like people with brains. Religion was created by those who knew how to use their brains, but unfortunately they use it to deceive others and enrich their filthy pockets. Nigerians need to be freed from mental slavery brought to them by religion.

How can a country rich in both natural and human resources have about 80% of her citizens living on less than $2 a day? Corruption and deception on every level, both politically and religiously; yet many Nigerians still continue to vote for and worship their filthy rich political and religious mis-leaders while the mass population continue to suffer. It’s a shame!

What baffles me most is that despite the evidence and/or proofs that religion is nothing but mental slavery and a money-making machine for pastors and religious leaders, Nigerian Christians will still fail to reason.

Nevertheless, I hope this awareness video exposing Nigerian pastors, their prosperity preaching tactics and fake miracle performances will free some religious slaves and have them thinking like intellectual beings.


By Kevin Onuma 

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