Revealed: Ebola invented by U.S Govt agencies to kill Africans

The invention of the virus is patented by U.S Govt. Agencies

InformAfrica: Political commentator and activist, Dr. Randy Short, revealed in this Press TV debate, how the U.S government backed the invention of the deadly Ebola virus which was patented in the US in 2012.

Dr. Randy Short also revealed that some African governments were paid about $140 million to allow them carry out trials of the virus in Africa this January 2014, and months later, Africans started dying mysteriously from the Ebola virus.

According to multiple independent investigations and reports, Ebola and HIV were invented by U.S govt backed scientists and pharmaceutical corporations to depopulate the African people. The evil bill & melinda gate foundation is one of the babylon corporations funding Ebola, GMO, and other deadly trials on the African continent.

Watch and be aware. You will see and understand the obvious, and why we must protect ourselves from enemies disguised as friends under the illusion of “HELPING” Africa.

The video is also available on InformAfrica oage on Facebook here:

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