TB Joshua Exposed: The Age of Deception in Nigerian Churches

InformAfrica – This religious video documentary exposes the age of deception in various Nigerian churches, most especially with a focus on prophet TB Joshua’s Synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN). Watch the below video and increase your awareness regarding fake pastors and their deceptions.

Prophet TB Joshua: The Age of Deception like never seen before.

Prophet TB Joshua: The Age of Deception like never seen before.

The religious video documentary you are about to watch exposes the so-called famous man of god, prophet TB Joshua, who is one of Nigeria’s five richest pastors of our time. Those who exposed TB Joshua and his Synagogue church of all nations SCOAN’s diabolic practices are no other but his own former disciples who he reportedly destroyed their lives. Fake miracles is the light of the day when it comes to TB Joshua and many other famous Nigerian pastors. The video was published years ago.

After watching the above video documentary “Deception of Ages in Nigerian churches” would you agree Nigeria is full of fake pastors and so-called men of god who are only there to profit off people’s shallow mind? The amount of churches on every street and corner in Lagos for instance, is alarming and definitely questionable by free thinkers!

Be aware….open your mind and think! Many of today’s religion is nothing but mental slavery and their various religious books are full of fairytales, lies and condoning of slavery!

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