White racist NGO (Feedachild.co.za), depicts Blacks as lap dogs, beggars

InformAfrica – This is a must-watch video commercial of how the white racists at the NGO Feedachild.co.za, sees and depicts Black people as lap dogs and beggars, under the guise of “helping to feed a child”.

Many like to read comments or observe people’s reactions to certain things. Therefore we have provided below, some YouTube comments (opinions) in reaction to the controversial advert by Feed A Child, a supposed non-profit organization run by Whites living in South Africa.

YouTube comments in reaction to Feed A Child Advert:

“What a racist stupid advert, still trying to portray blacks as beggars. This is Africa and this is our land,you have stolen our resources. Do not be fooled to think that these white care about you this is why they always portray you as lower than them. Get them out of Africa and you will have all resources for yourself. Africans you dont need charity, its the whites in Africa that need charity. WAKE UP AND RECLAIM YOUR COUNTRY AND GET THESE WHITE DEVILS OUT.” -Alien Of A Higher Intell.

“Feed a Child hunh…this is probably the most racist piece of garbage I have seen in a long long time, a black kid as a lap dog….really mf’ers…wtf….” -Steve Bradley

“Not the first time Ogilvy SA produces a racialized advert, playing on negative stereotypes (Kimmie Kool halls ad (Halls – Klein Kimmie ) , no surprise is the fact that no black people were part of this production, im pretty sure they would have steered this shoot in a better direction. this is of poor taste, brilliant message sent in the worst package yet.” -Vusi Jabu

“This is an attack on the black psyche. These people know exactly what they are doing and they are hiding behind the word charity so that you can’t quetion their motives…….” -Brenda Opobo

“This advert is in poor taste. great concept but executed without any sensitivity to the Afrikan identity. We know children are starving out there and need our help but an image of a black child acting like a dog takes us back to racial debates. stop making adverts that stick a knife in an already fragile Afrikan identity!” -Nhamo Rupare

“I understand the surface-level message but really, deep – down this is racist, insensitive propaganda.” -Naomi Emmnuel

“One its saying only Africans are hungry, that most people especially white people takes more interest in animals especially dogs than a human being and that Africans should be treated like dogs. Which ever way this is straight racism.” -Chegorrilla

“This is not fair to either of the races in this country! these racist individual that decided to do this is disgusting and sick in the head! What happened to humanity and respect! THIS IS NOT WHAT OUR CHILDREN SHOULD GROW TO SEE!” -INGRID NADIN Ndlovu

“If your idea was to get views over quality then you succeeded. This is racist. The white community also has poor people that need support. The black community also has rich people that also support their community. If this ad was meant to get me to donate you have failed. I will continue to donate to my church and trust them to get the aid to those who need it.” -Kikisian

“Terrible advert. All we see when we go about S.A. is Whites taking care of Blacks and this ad with it’s “shock affect” is pathetic. Learn how to market before you advertise. Where are the Blacks looking after Whites? The mentality of S.A. is shocking.” -Timebenderz

“Horrible advert, so hash and disturbing…. It’s insulting to children and to the specific races. You could have use a real dog to emphasize on this story line not a child, interesting choice of a white woman with a black child. I am so disgusted and you guys have no respect for the human race…” -Charmaine Gxilishe

—End of Commentaries—

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